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This Ginger is about to snap

Man, there has been a lot going on since I last updated. Oh well.

The biggest thing eating me right now is that I am once again without a job. It’s like a frigging roller coaster over here, either famine or feast. I can’t seem to figure out exactly what it is I want to do in life, other than be my own boss. There isn’t a lot of mercy for people like me.

I started working for this property “management” place for a while. Got my first promotion ever, bought a scooter (finally!) to help do showings, and I just left on Monday, only 4 months into the job. What a ride. Glad I am out of there though, it really just wasn’t working. At all. Shit money, shit hours and I was stressed to the max.

I never really learn my lesson, do I? I jump at the first opportunity that comes along and try to make a quick buck. Things I look down upon in other people, and yet here I am. Ms. Hypocrite, you may call me!

I am still working on my other projects and some are going better than others. But I still feel like a failure in the major areas of life. Still single, still no full time self-employment, haven’t traveled in a while, haven’t lost much weight, didn’t make it on the roller derby team this season.

Pooh, I say. Damn depression is back and has sunk itself in deep this time, insidious little bastard.

There are good things in my life, but it’s hard to appreciate them when you’re forced to view them through grey-tinted glasses.

If anyone is out there, how do you deal with constant disappointment? Especially when it’s yourself that you’re disappointing the most?

A Difficult Day

Today was one hell of a day.

The past few weeks have actually been pretty…off.

I guess the biggest thing that has been bothering me is my day job. They dissolved our group and made us apply again for our own jobs making us jump through a bunch of hoops for them. And I just found out that I didn’t even get my old job back. And the news was delivered to me in a very rude way. The person telling me has no empathy at all and I don’t know how she got a job working with customer service people when her own people skills are so poor.

I still have a job with the company but will be moving to a different department. I’m pretty miffed about this. I helped to build the pilot program and suddenly I’m not good enough for their team. The kicker is that the brown-noser (aka really annoying guy) from my team got in. That really grinds my gears, I have way more to offer than him. But as my friend reminded me today, I wouldn’t really want to work on a team if everyone was like him. And also because they have no idea what they’re doing or where they’re going with this department and are in competition with another, larger, more established department for the same territory.

My friend thinks this may be a blessing in disguise. I can only hope. I am really disappointed by the management and my company. I guess the rose-coloured glasses have to come off at some point, right?

At least now I can move full steam ahead with With Heart. I’m doing some offline selling now and setting up at festivals and craft shows to help generate some traffic. Since I anticipate going through my current stock very quickly, I am on the hunt for more artisans to buy from! Hit me up if you know of some cool stuff that should be in the boutique and I’ll look into it.


Wet Cat is wet

Today I also discovered that Luna has fleas. I have no idea where they came from but it’s freaking me out. I spent this morning googling solutions and watching YouTube videos on how to wash your cat. Thrilling stuff, that.

I made a trip to the pet store this afternoon with my new little French sister (aka one of my guests) and picked up some tips and products to try out. The pet store guy recommended giving her a regular bath, using the flea drops on her neck and then spraying the house to get rid of any lingering bugs.

I just cannot abide by having bugs in my house, but somehow I keep attracting them at this new place. I seem to have a never-ending supply of ants marching across my floors (despite the traps & lack of food lying around), a fruit-fly problem and now fleas. Fabulous. Not only do I have a mini-UN at my house, but also a small menagerie. And my landlord is a dick (that’s a story for another day).

There’s just a whole host of things going on lately and I’m left feeling tired and bitter. There are good things, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I am still getting more than my share of the shit end of the stick.

Hello, World!

Hey guys! It’s been a while!

I needed a bit of a break and ran out of things to talk about. But now I’m back on a part-time basis.

There’s a lot of catching up to do!

Me and Kid Koala in Toronto. Don't judge, it was the most recent photo I had!

I guess the biggest update is that I moved to a new apartment. An upgrade, to be exact. I went from a 2-bedroom in a residential area to a 4-bedroom in a trendier area of the city. I’m going full steam ahead with the B&B business and have 3 rooms to rent out now! The hope is that within a couple of years I’ll have enough banked to get another studio apartment somewhere in the city and rent that out as well. Long-term, I’m looking at becoming a property manager (in addition to running With Heart and working at It’s been a wild ride! I got possession of the apartment mid-February and moved in at the beginning of March.

I’m excited because I’m having my first party this weekend. You know how I love to throw parties! This is the housewarming party where I show off the new place to everyone. Two weeks later is the perennial favourite…

The Tea Party!!!


I’ve actually had to re-brand it as the Garden Party because too many people come to it now and I ran out of tea cups and place settings for a proper tea party. This should still be awesome though, with the standard tea + menu, formal attire and hats per usual. I’ll keep you guys updated on the plans for that since it’s one of my favourite topics.


In my personal life, things have been changing too. I have a cool, more important position at work, and just came back from a work trip in New York City. Things are going pretty well. My B&B (Hestia House) is doing very well, and With Heart is chugging along.


Since the holidays I’ve been dating quite a bit, but  no one to call my boyfriend yet. I do enjoy the dinners out, though! Navigating through these kinds of interactions has been quite the learning experience for me. I’m debating on whether to talk about them on here or not. My mother (and possibly my aunt) did the unthinkable and found/read my blog despite my asking them not to.  I keep my life private from them because they’re huge gossips and I don’t want my life to be their next topic at the Bunko table.

My friends are great and I love them so much. Nothing new to report on that!

Health & Wellness

As you can see from the photo, I’ve lost some weight! Since the surgery I am officially down 30lbs. I will soon be increasing that number! A good friend of mine is becoming a personal trainer and I am to be her first client! I think it’s great since she’ll come to my house twice a week to kick my ass. No more excuses, right?

I have also been taking some great yoga classes for plus size women. I could probably do regular yoga but I just like these ones better. Plus I do pretty well at all the poses because a lot are quite similar to my kung fu poses! I’m going to try out Zumba from the same lady next. It looks promising!

This is all I can think of to update on right now. Hopefully the need to write will strike me again soon. If there are any readers left who would like to have me write about something, let me know. I may indulge you!

It’s nice to be back <3

I’ve moved on, and don’t regret it.

My friend invited me out with her on the spur of the moment to a party last Thursday. A guy she knew had invited her and said he could get me in too. Awesome!

I haven’t been out of the house in a while (working from home is more isolating that I thought!) so I was happy to go just about anywhere that wasn’t my home office. Plus, I like parties!

…or do I?

Turns out this was an ad party for Microsoft Advertising. *sad trombone*  I used to go to these things all the time, and have written about them over the years on this blog. The swag, the music, the special treatment, the open bars… they can be pretty swanky!

But I approached this one with trepidation. Both me and my friend have moved on from this industry and really don’t like most of the people and attitudes that are present at these things. But we couldn’t back out so we went and tried to make the best of it.

It was pretty much like every other party. They had a private concert for us (Naughty By Nature) and lots of drinks and snacks. That’s not the important part of this story though.

I felt strange. This was an environment that I’d spent lots of time in throughout my career. The awkward and uncomfortable feelings were familiar, but took on a different hue this night. I didn’t really belong anymore. And I liked that feeling.

I ran into loads of people that I knew over the span of my media career. Some were polite and friendly, some were downright cold. And some just didn’t acknowledge me at all. You know, I never actually did anything to deserve that kind of treatment. It just goes to show you how shallow the industry is. It’s one of the main reasons I decided to finally leave it after I lost my job.

Despite the cool reception, I managed well. Being at these things always made me feel unsettled, small and uncertain of myself. I was never… enough. I vowed going into this one that I’d try and be my confident, new self. I’ve been so much happier since I left media, I didn’t want this situation to drag me down!

So I did. I said hello to the people I wanted to say hello to; I told everyone how happy I was (and more importantly let them see how happy I was) and did my best to mingle and have a good time. I was still the standard shy & awkward Lisa/Ginger, but not as crippling as in the past.

I met some nice people (a rarity!) and a dude who actually had the cojones to stand up to me  and point out my one-upping (Hi Calvin!) which was refreshing.

I also finally got some closure for myself. Up to this point I would have occasional dreams about my last job, and look fondly back at my time there through my rose-tinted glasses. After going to this party, I am 100% done with the ad world. I still love doing marketing and advertising, but I don’t ever want to go back to the grindhouse known as the ad industry. It just isn’t me anymore, and I’m tired of selling my soul for diapers, shampoo and fancy stores.

I feel so free! I can finally let go of the past 5 years and not feel bad about it. I’ve learned a lot about the world and about myself through this journey and I’m thankful for all my lessons, but honestly. Good riddance!


Ad industry, I’m breaking up with you. I’ve found someone else… myself. And I’m not sorry.




Scoot on over to the shop blog…

Hey folks, it’s been a while.

Yes, I’m still pissed about Rogers (post below) and they haven’t done anything to help me. I am definitely switching providers when my contract is up.

I’ve been away from here for a bit because real life has been demanding a lot of me lately!

I got that new job with Airbnb, went to San Francisco for a week for training and am now working at home. In addition, I officially launched my online store With Heart and have been taking in orders, doing a little promotion and hosted a successful launch/shopping party.

I’d love it if you all could pop on over to the site and take a gander. Even better if you would tell all your friends about it, too. Not gonna lie… things are slower than I would have hoped, but I’m still trucking on.

I feel like I’m being spread a little thin these days, but I haven’t forgotten everyone. It’s just tough balancing so many things all at once. I’m trying to figure out my housing situation for the new year, too. I don’t make enough money anymore to live here on my own, but I can’t really do much more Airbnb hosting since my landlord is catching on. I’m in a bit of a pickle.

I’ve got some ideas batting around, but nothing solid yet. *sigh* I just feel all over the place! I wanted to give a decent update on here but instead I’m just bouncing all over the place! Oh well, maybe this will help me organize my thoughts and produce something worth reading. Stuff has been happening… I just haven’t been writing about it!

Is anyone even still interested in this blog? I feel like maybe folks are drifting away and it makes me sad. If there are still people out there that enjoy this then I’ll keep going. If there aren’t… well I don’t know what I’ll do.

Are you out there?

Anonymous No More



Well hello there! Some of you know me, but most of you don’t. My name is Lisa, and I’m a blogger. But not just any blogger… I’ve been writing this blog as Ginger Corsair since January 2008. Since I was just featured in an article on the front page of the business section in the New York Times (complete with gigantic photo of me and Miss Luna) yesterday, I figured the cat is out of the bag!

I’m sure there are bunches of you that have already figured out my “real” identity over the years (sound off if you already knew!) and even more who just guessed. Well guess no longer. It is I.

This has admittedly been a long time coming. I’ve thought about revealing myself for a while, but the time never seemed right. Working in advertising for the past 5 years, I had to be super careful of my image, and what I did online. In fact I had a pretty close brush with some dastardly ad people and almost lost my job because of my blog.

I have also shared a lot of stuff in here that I haven’t shared with any of my friends in real life. I’ve always been a private person and having an anonymous blog seemed like a good way to sort through the junk of life and get feedback without having to expose myself so much to the people around me. I have been hurt very badly by those that I trusted in the past and as a result I don’t trust my friends and family now as much as I know I should. I’m working on it.

Blogging has been awesome. I feel like I have a bunch of invisible friends around me all the time, and I feel relatively comfortable coming to all of you for advice. Over the years I have revealed myself to some key people; mostly those whom I come in contact with in daily life, or at special blogging events. Man, I worked so hard to keep all the photos of me off of here! I think I did a great job, but it’s such a relief to be able to share now.

Up above is a photo of me from yesterday, with my happy NYT glow (coincidentally I also had a job interview with Airbnb that day and I really want the job. I didn’t plan it but the NYT article was about Airbnb and me, and I had an interview… what perfect timing!) and following is the NYT shot with me and Luna, and some other random shots of me today. I know how you folks eat up images of others!

Anyway, what with the NYT article, the launch of my new business and potential appearance on Dinner Party Wars, I figured it was time to quit playing around and introduce myself for real. I feel like I owe it to all you loyal readers.

I’m still the same girl you’ve known for the past 3 years and I’ll continue to blog. You can even keep calling me Ginger since I’m so used to it.


Thanks for being my friends, and enjoy the photos!

New York Times Photo
Hi guys!
Posing for kisses!













Ahhh, excitement abounds!

My mysterious disappearances lately can be attributed to an upcoming photo shoot of my apartment., the service I use to promote my B&B is sending its top hosts a professional photographer to take shots of the properties for use on the listing pages. This way, travelers will know that what they see is what they get when they book, as verified by the company.

I think this is a great concept, even though it is extremely similar to one that I submitted to them a while ago. I don’t know whether to be upset that they’re using my idea or flattered. Hmm. I think I would prefer to be paid for it.

I don't smile like this when I clean...

In any case, since the beginning of March (when my roommate left) I have been furiously updating my space. New furniture, paint and deep, deep cleaning (omg old houses get SO dirty SO fast!).

Every night I am cleaning something, rearranging something or planning out my next move. I’ve drafted friends and family to help me with things like painting, picture hanging and general repairs, and my granddad has generously donated a really nice bed & furniture to my cause.

I’ve been totally consumed by this… but I think that it’s not just because of the photo shoot. Sure, I want my home to look its best that day, but I’ve also been purging and decluttering as I go along which leads me to think I’m trying to get my whole life cleaned out, too.

With my upcoming unemployment I definitely looking for a fresh start. So many years I have been unhappy. Unhappy with my job, my living situation, the seeming lack of control in my life. And you know what?

I’m over it.

I’m tired of being unhappy. I have some fantastic friends now that I wouldn’t trade the world for, and I want to pull a Madonna and reinvent myself. I’m gaining independence, confidence and insight, and losing weight, fear of the unknown and negativity.

I will always face challenges, but I’m hoping that with a clean break from my old life I can start to tackle them in different, more successful ways.

I guess it’s not just my house that is getting a makeover. It’s me, too!