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Lancome Oscillation Mascara

All of you makeup junkies out there have probably heard of the new powermascaras that are coming out on the market.

Guess who just got one!


I’ve been chosen to do a preview of Lancome’s new Oscillation Powermascara and share the buzz with you.

Powermascaras are a new breed of mascara– they come with specially-made applicators that vibrate. The vibration helps evenly distribute the mascara 360 degrees around your individual lashes. I’m pretty excited to try it out since it promises volumized, separated, dramatic longer-looking lashes which is definitely something I need! So far I know that Lancome is releasing one, as well as Estee Lauder (However Estee hasn’t approached me yet–their loss!)

If I don’t dye my lashes regularly, they are ghost white and take a lot of work to cover up! I’m looking forward to giving this a shot, since I do the zig-zag motion to cover my lashes anyway. This might save me some time and effort, assuming it works.

I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow and report back. If you’re interested in learning more about the product in the meantime, you can sign up at (please say that BzzAgent gingercorsair referred you when you sign up!) and also find out when the special secret one-day sale is happening! Oscillation hits makeup counters Dec. 20, but you might be able to scoop one as early as November.

It has a suggested retail price of $39 (OMGz I KNOW!) but I think they’ll still sell out pretty quickly, especially with the holiday season (and parties!) coming up. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if I think it’s worth $40 big ones!

…So, should I take some more before and after photos for this? I’ll be hanging out with FB tomorrow and taking her “before Sassoon cut” photos. Maybe I’ll get her to photograph my lashes, too!

Vidal Sassoon: New Look!

So, I did it!

I went to the salon last night and had a pretty good experience. It’s much more posh than I thought it would be. There’s a coat check and assistants to get you drinks and stuff…

My stylist was good, turns out she teaches at the school at the salon which made me feel much better about using her!

In terms of the cut, she gave me the professional opinion I wanted so desperately. She said that longer hair suited me best, but that I should go with my natural curls and enhance those. Normally I go for a straighter look, so this was different! She cut about 5-6 inches (!!) off, gave me more layers to add volume and movement, and reshaped the fringe at the front.

The best part I thought was that she took the time to show me a simple way to do my hair without too much effort. I’m about to give it a go on my own tonight and see how it works out! I am optimistic that the cut will also look good when I don’t do anything to it, or if I straighten it. Time will tell!

Anyway, below are a couple of photos of the new hair. I would like to mention however, that it was raining when I left the salon, and I forgot my umbrella :( So it’s a little flatter than it should be, and also looks a little wet and dark in the photos. Oh well, you’ll get the gist.

So what do you think? Did I do the right thing, going shorter and curly? Or should I have stuck with long and wavy/straight? Was the cut worth $85? I welcome all honest opinions!

Oh, and yes, I would recommend the Vidal Sassoon salon, if you’ve got the extra cash and can make it to Toronto! My cut cost me $85 + tax, and I also purchased some chi-chi Kerastase product for $40 (ouch!) but I had a 15% off coupon so it wasn’t quite as painful.

Having my ears lowered

That’s right, folks. I’m giving the old chop chop to my goldie-locks tomorrow!

Much like the wonderful and soon-to-be President Obama says, it’s time for change. I’m starting fresh with a new haircut.

Now here’s the funny thing: I’ve decided to go to the Vidal Sassoon salon here in Toronto, and while I was googling for reviews, it turns out FB went there last year and did a review. Not only that, but she’s also getting a ‘do done there next Friday!

Upon discovering this, we’ve decided to post some photos of our hair before and after our Sassoon cuts. Hopefully y’all can tell me if I did the right thing!

Why did I choose Vidal Sassoon? Well, I had a simple hairstyle done at a charity spa event done by a Sassoon stylist. She offered me some suggestions for my hair that I really appreciated. Most stylists I’ve seen don’t put thought into their cuts, they ask YOU what you want, but don’t bother to make any suggestions that would truly suit you.

I’m hopeless with my hair. I know I’ve got very rare and sought-after hair (according to all the stylists that have seen my hair up close), but I have no clue what to do with it, so when a stylist asks me what I want done, I just look at them blankly.

I want someone with experience and training that will help them look at me objectively and give me the best cut for me. I wanna look HOT, y’all!

I also want it to be wash and go. Ginger + product =/= success.

So without further ado, here are some photos of my hair… professionally coiffed for the most part so that it will be comparable with tomorrow’s look.
At a special event

At an advertising event

Trial run using my curlers

Product Review: Rockport Boots & Customer Service

I just had some awesome service, for some awesome boots. I love Rockport for their comfort and quality, I just wish they had more fashionable shoes to choose from!

Oh well, they’re better than they used to be!
Here’s the letter I sent to customer service about my experience today:

To Whom It May Concern:

Today I was delightfully surprised by some excellent customer service I received at your Eaton’s Centre Toronto location, and I thought you should know about it.

First let me start by telling you that my dad loves Rockport shoes. Seeing as I’m a 23 year old female, I automatically dismiss anything (like comfy footwear) that my dad likes as “fuddy-duddy old people stuff”. The first time I learned of Rockport shoes, that was what I thought of them. Comfy, practical and perfect for my dad, but not me.

That was until I tried on a pair of your black Tamber boots last year on a whim. Compared to all other heels that I’ve tried, these were an absolute dream to walk in. I snapped up my pair and have been a Rockport convert ever since.

I wore those boots just about everywhere last fall/winter/spring. In fact I wore them so much that I had to get them re-tipped and the spikes re-wrapped. It wasn’t until this summer when I got my new sandals that I was told that Rockport would repair them for free, next time!

Whoopee! I just broke my boots out again for the fall, and unfotunately managed to scrape the leather binding off of the heel this weekend, getting stuck in a grate in the sidewalk. I was pretty upset, but I knew that I could bring them in and get them repaired at my Rockport company store.

Today I went in to have them assessed, and boy am I glad that I did! I received attention from the store manager Dan MacDonald. He took my boots next door to the shoe repairer to find out how much they would cost to repair. They could be repaired, he told me, but they just wouldn’t look the same. So he offered me a brand new pair at no charge. I was thrilled and surprised by this! I was just hoping for a repair, and here I am getting a whole new set of my favourite boots!

Needless to say I am very pleased by not only your company policy, but also by the quality of your staff (and shoes!). I’ve already told 3 people about my positive experience, and will be featuring Rockport in my series of product reviews on my blog (I am often paid to do reviews of products and services, but will also write reviews on products I love for free).

I hope to be back in the store soon for a few more shoe wardrobe updates this season, too! Hopefully you’ll roll out more fashionable and younger additions to your collection.

Please forward this to your company’s president/CEO as I am sure they would like to see some positive feedback from a real customer!

Thanks for the great shoes and service,

-Ginger Corsair
So, if you’re looking for a great pair of shoes with great customer service, I would definitely recommend Rockport. I seriously can’t tell you just how comfortable their shoes are! They’ve got some special technology to make them uber-comfy and durable. I just can’t get enough!

Product Review: SkullCandy Ink’d: Smokin’ Buds

I just picked myself up a pair of these babies today at The Source for $24.99 + tax and I am impressed!

I’ve seen lots of people around Toronto with various SkullCandy products, and they always struck me as a pretty cool brand. I mean, with a name like SkullCandy they have to be pretty cool, right? They’ve got skulls on them! This appeals to the macabre side of my personality.

Turns out their products are really good too, and deserving of the awesome name!
I got the blue pair pictured here, and was happy to find 3 sets of the silicone inner ear part included “in case you have different ears” (said salesguy James) which is great since I needed to switch out the medium sized ones for the smaller buds.
Performance-wise they’re pretty bitchin’. They fit my ears comfortably, block out the majority of external noise and deliver very clear and crisp music straight to my brain!
I did a little test with my shitty old Sony $8 ear buds– listening to Waters of Nazareth by Justice with them first, then swapping in the new SkullCandy. I was blown away! I’ve got my iPod settings to amp the bass, and this was the first time I was actually able to experience it properly! w00t!
I’m totally digging the sound I have now. My eyes and ears have been opened to the wonder that is SkullCandy.
Thank you, SkullCandy, for bringing the music back to me!

I love vinyl wall stickers. Oh yes.

I just can’t help myself, I’m in love with the wall stickers over at Loomis/DeSerres.

There’s a shop right near my office and I walked by the other day and caught my eye on their window display. I went in and picked up a booklet on all the designs available and now have sticker lust in the worst way! (What is it with me and vinyl stickers on random objects like my laptop?)

Since my new roommate and I want to make our place more homey, we’re looking at ways to decorate. So far we’ve painted our TV/guest room a light cream colour, and we’ve picked up some art to hang on the walls. We’re still deciding where to put the art though, since we’ve got weird walls in the apartment.

I found out that the sister of one of the girls at work works there and can pick up our decals for 30% off, so it makes them way more affordable! I’m seriously considering quite a few… if you judge by my blog layout I’m sure you can figure out which ones I fancy…

These are some of my top choices, though I can’t say for sure if they’ll make the cut!

Countryside, $44.95

Japanese Cherry Tree $44.95

Small Tree $47.95

Birds and Buds $47.95

Flower Fan $47.95

Birds $19.95

Butterflies $32.95

Arabesque $44.95

Rococo $44.95

They’ve got even more choices on the website. I’d say there’s definitely something for everyone! My only question is whether they are easy to apply/reapply?

*sigh* I love decorating!

Mmmmarvellous Melona!

Totally found a new treat today, folks!

I was out for a stroll at lunch with a friend and she introduced me to the heavenly bliss that is the Melona Ice Bar.


It’s a Korean treat that can only be found at a few places in T.O. What a shame! I found it at the corner of John & Queen at Gardenview Convenience.
It really is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten before. So smooth and creamy, yet light and refreshing. It tastes like you really are biting into a honeydew melon, which is my fave flavour! It also comes in Banana, Mango and Strawberry, which my friend assures me are also delicious. And! I just found out from my Korean co-worker that I can buy a box of the stuff at T&T in Markham! Oh if only the T&T was open down at Queen’s Quay! Bugger!

Here’s a link to another cool blog (I just found it by googling “Melona”) that I think I’m going to read more of! They’ve got a review of it and some pics, as well.
Oh yeah, photo credit goes to them. My wrapper was too dessicated for me to take a photo.