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My Deck is Now a Pool

Luna is getting some serious cat business done and I’m sitting down to write this post.

It’s not exactly how I had planned to spend my day off, but all my plans for today are fuzzed due to the torrential rains outside!

Weather in Canada is always a good topic of conversation, but this is really something else! It is one day before my annual Tea/Garden party and I had hoped to hold it outside on my new deck.

Unfortunately, this is what my deck looks like right now:

The blue bin is to catch rainwater to water the plants with... later.

Yes, that IS ankle-deep water you see! My deck is actually a flat roof and not really a deck at all. But when I had it all dressed up with candles and flowers it was a pretty good entertaining space.

Right now I think it’s trying to be a kiddie pool. I went out to check on my plants and found a huge build-up of water towards the back. Looks like the drains were installed higher than the damn waterline, and nothing was draining. I spent about 20 minutes outside using a squeegee to try and push the water towards the drains at the back, and clear them of debris. I think they’re working a little now, but there is still going to be a mass of water to deal with later.

All said, I think it was kind of cool in a woman-versus-nature way to be out there bailing out my deck. Unfortunately I got absolutely soaked so I’m back inside warming up after a hot shower.

The reason this is cramping my style is because I needed to get a bunch of stuff done for the party today. I’m making a black forest cake and need a few extra items (post to follow!). While my grocery store is only around the corner, the way it’s raining now I doubt my umbrella would stand up. And I don’t have boots or a rain coat. We really just don’t get this kind of rain in Toronto!

*sigh* I have new guests arriving this weekend so this is a good excuse to vacuum/dust/etc. the whole house and get some other chores done. I did laundry last night but due to the humidity from the rain, it’s still not dry (I air dry)!

I also need to plan out how I can salvage this party tomorrow. Can’t do it outside, haven’t planned very much for it yet, not really feeling it and a bunch of my friends can’t make it. What a bummer. I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something. It’s weird, this feeling. Normally I love throwing parties but all I feel these days is fatigue. Maybe it will get better in the summer with BBQ season.

Scoot on over to the shop blog…

Hey folks, it’s been a while.

Yes, I’m still pissed about Rogers (post below) and they haven’t done anything to help me. I am definitely switching providers when my contract is up.

I’ve been away from here for a bit because real life has been demanding a lot of me lately!

I got that new job with Airbnb, went to San Francisco for a week for training and am now working at home. In addition, I officially launched my online store With Heart and have been taking in orders, doing a little promotion and hosted a successful launch/shopping party.

I’d love it if you all could pop on over to the site and take a gander. Even better if you would tell all your friends about it, too. Not gonna lie… things are slower than I would have hoped, but I’m still trucking on.

I feel like I’m being spread a little thin these days, but I haven’t forgotten everyone. It’s just tough balancing so many things all at once. I’m trying to figure out my housing situation for the new year, too. I don’t make enough money anymore to live here on my own, but I can’t really do much more Airbnb hosting since my landlord is catching on. I’m in a bit of a pickle.

I’ve got some ideas batting around, but nothing solid yet. *sigh* I just feel all over the place! I wanted to give a decent update on here but instead I’m just bouncing all over the place! Oh well, maybe this will help me organize my thoughts and produce something worth reading. Stuff has been happening… I just haven’t been writing about it!

Is anyone even still interested in this blog? I feel like maybe folks are drifting away and it makes me sad. If there are still people out there that enjoy this then I’ll keep going. If there aren’t… well I don’t know what I’ll do.

Are you out there?

Yup, I’m at it again + cat photos

I just can't help myself


Well, I’m still pretty bored with things these days. So I found another random item to paint. Above is my lost, forlorn chair. It came with the apartment when I moved in 4 years ago and was ugly in it’s unfinished state. A chair with good bones, though.

I reupholstered it Red Green style (with duct tape, for you non-Canadians) and it looked better… but still needed a little something.

I’ve got some white paint left over from repainting the dining room a couple of months ago and I was bored, so…. there you go.

Painted chair ahoy!

One more coat and this baby’ll be ready for it’s new cushion and new life as a stylish matching chair to my decor.


Anyway, if a photo of a half-painted chair doesn’t do it for you, here are some photos of my cat Luna to make up for it. She’s going to be featured in this week’s Caturday post over at the Catsparella blog. Isn’t that exciting?!?!


Basket Case!
In which Luna finds the secret window garden
My butt DOES NOT look fat!!!!
Kitty, deconstructed
Nevermind, I found the rest of her in the box

I totally realize that she is making weird faces in these photos. It’s like this all the time at home. Never-ending chuckles!

Why I’ve Been Flaky

I’m such a flake. I haven’t been around at all. My reader has a backlog of 3000+ posts to go through, my poor PR reps are wondering where I’m at, and I haven’t been on Twitter for ages!

But it was all for a good reason, I swear!

Most of my longtime readers know that since about April I’ve been having a seriously rough go of life. I lost my two beloved pets, I almost lost my job, I fell into severe depression and had to take medical leave from work until I found a new job.

I finally DID get that new job and I started just after Canadian Thanksgiving in October. I’ve been here about 2 months and so far it’s been great. It’s a huge change from the places I’ve been at before and has therefore had a major learning curve. There’s a lot about media that I DO know, but there’s a lot that I still have to learn, and boy—am I learning it!

Handling a new job that is so brain-intensive is one thing, but I am also doing two online college courses in my Entrepreneurship program. I forgot what it was like to be in school again and the stupid deadlines! Managing my time has been a bit of a trial, that’s for sure.

I’ve been taking an Intro to Canadian Business class, and also Accounting 101. Unfortunately with the amount of time I’m spending on my job and everything, I’ve had to fail out of the accounting class. I’m not really proud of it, but I’m not worried, either. It was pretty much self-taught so I will just go through the textbook at my own pace.

So that’s where I’m at right now.

Ever since I started working again I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t really felt like writing about it. I get that common feeling bloggers get though…oh this would make a great post! But then I don’t really do anything about it which is a shame.

Now that I’m in a better place and starting to find my rhythm, I want to work on the blog some more. It needs a new layout, some branding and an overall fresh new look. I want to take more and better photos of stuff (because everyone is a voyeur!) and include more about the events that I go to with blogging.

So that’s a quick recap of what has been going on lately. I’m not going to make any kind of promises like I have in the past, and hopefully that will be liberating enough to keep me writing!


How much is my purse worth?

This is an interesting little meme going around the internet right now, several bloggers that I read (FB, Asian Pear) have tallied up the approximate costs of everything they regularly carry in their purses.

It seems the average total of all items for most gals is around $300, but since my purse alone is $300 it got me wondering: just how much IS my bag carrying?

I’m about to find out. And also clean this sucker out, I have way too much stuff in here!

  • Purse – $300
  • iPod Touch – $250
  • Blackberry – $50 (it’s a hand-me-down)
  • Sunglasses – $500
  • Keys – $30
  • “Emergency” makeup kit – $40
  • Chinese fan (perfect for hot TTC rides!) – $3
  • Various lipgloss products – $40
  • Wallet – $50
  • Random USB sticks – free!
  • Metropass – $100
  • Customized purse hanger – $13
  • Miscellaneous (hanky, gum, mints, etc.) – $10

TOTAL: $1,386

Holy shit.

I just have sort of average stuff… or at least I thought I did :S I guess because I like to save up and buy quality items over time they add up! All my costs are what I assume it would cost to replace those items.

It’s amazing to see how having just 3 good-quality lipgloss products can suddenly mean you’re carrying around $40 of merch in your bag. I don’t think I even included my hand cream.

The thing is, I don’t really want to get rid of anything in my bag. It’s all useful and I use it regularly. It just shocks me to see how much it would cost to replace everything.

But I’m kind of glad I did this exercise! I will be much more aware of what I do with my bag and will be more motivated to keep it! Sheesh!

So… what’s in your bag?

Moving Day!

Well, today’s the big day!

My old, financially-unreliable roommate is moving out, and the new one is moving in!

What’s funny is that it seems everyone else had the same idea for this weekend! My street is positively filled with moving vans, giant garbage heaps of old furniture and people milling about with boxes!

It’s as if everyone decided that May 1st is the best date to move in. Really, I can’t blame them! I myself moved in here on May 1st 3 years ago. OMG that makes today my 3rd anniversary of moving to Toronto and becoming a big city girl. Yay!

I am celebrating by cleaning & purging. Some of the floors and walls have not been visible for over 2 years. Now that the furniture and rugs are gone, I can finally tackle them and give them a good once-over!

I even cleaned the inside of the fridge! No more funny smells for me! Underneath the sinks where the garbage cans are is all clean, too. And of course the bathroom is spotless. But it’s usually in a near-state of cleanliness.

I think the biggest project is my bedroom. I have a lot of crap, people. I have a big room, but more than enough stuff to fill it!

I could never be a minimalist, but sometimes I wish I had less stuff! The thing is, I actually like all of my items. I only keep things that have sentimental value, or that bring me joy when I look at them. However that is still a lot of stuff! I would love to be able to move some of my more decorative items out of my room and into the general apartment space, then others can enjoy them as well. Maybe this new girl will be open to using personal items to decorate?

I also have about 100lbs of laundry to do :( I am NOT happy about that. My kitty has been having some issues using her litter box lately and she seems to think it’s ok to pee on my bed. My BED. It’s awful. Anytime I see a new spot where she’s gone I have to strip the bed and start cleaning the mattress–there is NO WAY that I am going to let that cat pee smell set into my mattress!

So while I’ve been able to successfully clean the mattress, I have a few pillows, several sheet sets, blankets and even a bedspread that are awaiting a good wash! Ugh what I would give for a washing machine in my apartment! Instead I have to haul them around the corner and down the hill (then back up!) to the local laundromat. I hate it.

So I guess that’s the next major project of the day or weekend. But I really don’t want to do it, that’s 2 hours of my day gone doing nothing. I may just procrastinate until next weekend and get someone to pick me up and take me to my parents’ where I can wash in comfort.

Oh Hello, February

Ahh, I can finally get back on track!

Can you believe that January is over already???

At times it seemed like it was dragging on, but now it feels like it went by in a flash!

Both me and my blog turned another year older, I had a great birthday party, several blogger meet ups, a crazy couple of weeks at work and I finally got to see Mr. Darcy.

It’s been quite the month!

Despite the migraine that crippled me at 4am this morning, I woke up today feeling like it was a fresh start. It wasn’t til I needed to get out my February TTC pass that I realized it was a new month already!

For some reason I feel different today. A little more vital, a  little more calm. It could be because I finally got a chance to relax after my crazy week. I even ate an apple before work today (unheard of!) and tested my pH for the 21-day challenge. (6.4 for those that are interested. Looks like I’ve got some work to do!).

Tonight I have plans to get sweaty, intimate and rough with a group of men… Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m going to fight tonight! J So I can fit in my Greens+ after my session. I feel a little more motivated to go. It’s the first time in a while I’ve woken up and haven’t felt like crap, so I think it’s a sign. Plus, I watched Whip It (Ellen Page & Drew Barrymore) last night which is a cute film about roller derby and it was so cool! I’m inspired to look into it more, see if there is a derby around here. I don’t know if I would actually participate (but wouldn’t that be SO COOL?) but I would love to watch and get my fill of aggressive moves and speed! LOL

Fingers crossed the rest of the day goes by without too many “argh!” moments. I want to keep this loose feeling for a while longer.