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Life With Slimband: Impending Rant

Ugh. It’s some godforsaken hour in the morning of Christmas Eve/Day and I can’t sleep.

No, I’m not excited for Santa Claus to bring me a pony or a pair of moon shoes.

Rather I am so pissed off with my current situation with Slimband that I can’t sleep and have composed an angry rant instead.

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I’m getting fat again and am not impressed***. I have spent 2 years and over $16,000 trying to lose weight and have only had middling success. Every other day I get an email or a comment on this blog about others in the same position and it makes me so angry that Slimband as a company doesn’t care about what happens with their patients after the wounds heal.

Oh, there are some individuals in the company that may care. I have met them. Slimband discovered how much traffic I get for my articles on having the band that both they and competing clinic CIBO approached me about it. Both tried to buy me off; as some kind of damage control, I suppose. Personally I think that was a silly idea. It’s better to get me on board and on your side and use my expertise to help fix things, than just to get me to shut up. I am a mouthpiece for the people, y’all.

I thought I was getting somewhere with Slimband. They told me about a new program they are hoping to get in place for post-op patients. There were a few little parts to it that sounded promising. But overall it sounds like they still have no clue on how to do it right and fix their reputation.

That’s right, my Slimband friends. Despite your best efforts, you have a shit reputation that will continue to get worse if you don’t take some fast actions and fess up to your mistakes. Some in your company have recognized this and sought my assistance with the situation. Did you know that I have a stellar marketing and advertising background, and specialize in social media? (Duh, I write this blog and stole your Google search rank, didn’t I?) I am an outspoken fattie and made some great suggestions as to how you can develop a truly helpful post op program for patients like me. For whatever reason, the powers that be in your company nixed that idea.

And now me, and my fellow fatties are back at square one. Stranded, abandoned and not sure whether our lack of steady weight loss is our fault or Slimband’s fault. At this point I’m going to lay most of the blame on Slimband because they have thus far chosen to turn a blind eye to our plight. Which from a social media, word of mouth and PR perspective is a dangerous thing. We’re definitely more numerous than the patients that have reached their goal weight.

Want to know what my suggestions for the company were? Since I created them based on knowledge and assumptions readily available to the public, and used my expertise as a marketing consultant to craft them, they are MINE TO SHARE. You saw them here first, folks.

Weight Loss System, not just an installation of a plastic chunk

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a decent post-op program that was part of the Slimband system? I don’t even know who to talk to when I have a problem. No check ups from the company who sells you based on their 4 years of support. I recommend (and as far as I know individuals working at Slimband agree) that I come on board and help evaluate this program they want to get going. Ashamed of our inability to lose weight, many of us don’t speak up and tell Slimband what works, what doesn’t and what we need more of. I can do that. I can be your voice and help develop a kickass program to help you reach your goals.

OMG! Someone that cares and can help you! You’re not alone!

Wouldn’t it be cool to know that there is someone out there just like you, who isn’t afraid to share her story and strive for success in weight loss? I recommended myself as the Patient Champion. The person that you can contact if you don’t know where to start, and the person who cares about your plight and will get you the help you need. It’s all there, the company just doesn’t know how to pull it all together. I do. And I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that can actually get shit done the right way. Because I’m REAL and not drinking the gastric band koolaid. I won’t stand for anything less than happy customers.

Hell, none of these companies seem to know how to do this shit. Imagine if they actually had it all together the success they would achieve! It seems obvious to me, but then again I’m just a dumb little fattie who is $16k poorer.

Let it all hang out

Ok, screw this. Here’s the damn document I went out of my way to prepare for the folks at Slimband. It was their idea to get me on board and involved in the first place, by the way. All the info is based on the emails readers have sent me, my own experiences, anecdotal information gathered from online forums and other public online sources. Again, I am a marketing professional so I have some of my own insights to share. None of this is private or confidential, since I wasn’t given anything to go with. I could write something like this for any company. Fuckin’ Marketing 101 here, folks.

Please note that if you’re thinking of just stealing my ideas and trying to do it yourselves for whatever clinic you work for… well, go ahead. But you won’t do it as well as I would, and in the end you’ll probably fail again and end up with another herd of upset patients. But hey, if it works, all the more power to ya. I hope you can help me lose the last 80 fucking pounds I have to go.


Poor Brand Image

Slimband is perceived by many as lacking warmth, caring and the human element. Anecdotally, many clients feel the following:

  • Abandoned after the procedure was completed. Post-op care was not as expected. “Slimband just wanted my money & doesn’t care about me”.
  • Unhappy with their weight loss results, experiencing minimal loss, or a plateau
  • Confused about the post-op process, ongoing support system and who to reach out to if they need help

These feelings toward the company may result in negative PR/Word Of Mouth, or no Word of Mouth where there might have been some if the client felt valued. Further research is recommended.

 Post-Op Program/Education

Older clients do not know what the band does and how it works. Now that the North American medical community has a better understanding of the most effective way to use the band; It is critical that patients receive a more accurate description of the band so that they can properly utilize it. (Ed. note, Slimband is aware of this also and all new patients receive the updated information. But I’m an older patient so I didn’t know until recently and was totally confused. But now I understand things better. All other North American clinics will or should inform their past patients of this new development).

This should be handled in a delicate manner; many clients may feel deceived, confused, upset, etc. by the news despite it being helpful & informative.

Additionally, the new support program should be introduced in a friendly way, and targeted to existing clients that have not experienced full success with their band.

A case study or “poster girl” for this situation would help bring some warmth back into the company, help clients relate, and be a good point of contact for clients.

How May I Help You?

Post-Op Program Consultant

As a current client and influencer/blogger, I have no trouble sharing my thoughts on the effectiveness and accessibility of a post-op support program. My experiences thus far, combined with my insight into the bandster community and my communications expertise can help Slimband create and/or refine their support system to a best-in-class program for existing and future clients.

As I myself go through the process to “get back on track” I can take notes, make suggestions and give quality feedback to Slimband professionals on the best way to approach existing clients and implement the new program of personalized medicine with each individual.

Patient Champion

As discussed previously, a friendly face for the post-op program may be just what the doctor ordered.

I am willing to have my journey through the post-op support program documented and shared with the patient community. This would be a spokesperson role, with or without patient interaction (TBD).

Known for my unbiased and straightforward manner, I can reach out to the clients who feel lost and help them get on track, while being an inspiration and encouraging trust. I would help inject some warmth back into the Slimband image.

Here are some additional ideas and thoughts on this potential role:

  • I have a marketing and customer service background
  •  Currently the exact type of client you need to assist and help satisfy
    Unique insights
  • Outgoing, positive, honest, warm and charismatic, many people trust me and will open up to me
  • My role could function as a spokesperson for the second stage of Slimband, and/or:
  • Gatekeeper/General community outreach
  • Address any concerns that bandsters have & direct them to the right resources
  • Gathering information & insights from clients, conducting surveys, focus groups, coffee meetings
  • Contribute articles & participate in online community
  •  Help Slimband provide a full weight loss program, and not just the surgery


The folks at Slimand are trying to help me, as a patient but are doing a very poor job of it so far which is why I’m so darn upset. I got my band de-filled, but now I’m not getting enough follow up or any of the other fancy post op support options they were promising me when we still thought I would be helping the company. I feel totally abandoned again and have no idea what to do or who to talk with to get this band shit figured out! So frustrating! My dietician is trying her best, but she seems limited in her abilities to assist me in my journey. And I’m gaining weight. This make me PISSED TO THE EXTREME.

Additionally, I AM trying to get a job with Slimband. The kind where I get paid real money because I provide real services and results. Despite the vitriol and frustration I have just unloaded, I think that if they just brought me on board, let me figure out where they’re going wrong, how to fix it, and then DO IT they could be a great company and be able to help so many people, past, present and future. A company with a good reputation is going to do very, very well in today’s social media world and bring in the big bucks. I’m trying to balance my desire to fix something broken and make it succeed with my desire to help all those past patients like me that don’t realize that THEY DESERVE BETTER.

Disclaimer: This is my personal online journal. I am not trying to sully the reputation of a company, but rather express my frustrations and personal experiences with said company. And hope that they listen to me and talk to me before getting lawyered up or anything because I think we could be beautiful together.

SLIMBAND: I BELIEVE IN YOU! MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE AND EMBRACE CHANGE! I know you can become a great, national company that does right by its’ patients. You just need a little help, is all. Call me.

READERS: I think they should hire me to get things going. Do you? Please show your support in the comments below or you can contact Slimband directly and tell them you want me (Lisa M) to help them help you. Because if you’re happy you’ll recommend the procedure to your friends. If Slimband becomes as awesome as I think they can be, then everyone is happy and new patients and money will flow in. Yay for fitting in your skinny jeans!

A Difficult Day

Today was one hell of a day.

The past few weeks have actually been pretty…off.

I guess the biggest thing that has been bothering me is my day job. They dissolved our group and made us apply again for our own jobs making us jump through a bunch of hoops for them. And I just found out that I didn’t even get my old job back. And the news was delivered to me in a very rude way. The person telling me has no empathy at all and I don’t know how she got a job working with customer service people when her own people skills are so poor.

I still have a job with the company but will be moving to a different department. I’m pretty miffed about this. I helped to build the pilot program and suddenly I’m not good enough for their team. The kicker is that the brown-noser (aka really annoying guy) from my team got in. That really grinds my gears, I have way more to offer than him. But as my friend reminded me today, I wouldn’t really want to work on a team if everyone was like him. And also because they have no idea what they’re doing or where they’re going with this department and are in competition with another, larger, more established department for the same territory.

My friend thinks this may be a blessing in disguise. I can only hope. I am really disappointed by the management and my company. I guess the rose-coloured glasses have to come off at some point, right?

At least now I can move full steam ahead with With Heart. I’m doing some offline selling now and setting up at festivals and craft shows to help generate some traffic. Since I anticipate going through my current stock very quickly, I am on the hunt for more artisans to buy from! Hit me up if you know of some cool stuff that should be in the boutique and I’ll look into it.


Wet Cat is wet

Today I also discovered that Luna has fleas. I have no idea where they came from but it’s freaking me out. I spent this morning googling solutions and watching YouTube videos on how to wash your cat. Thrilling stuff, that.

I made a trip to the pet store this afternoon with my new little French sister (aka one of my guests) and picked up some tips and products to try out. The pet store guy recommended giving her a regular bath, using the flea drops on her neck and then spraying the house to get rid of any lingering bugs.

I just cannot abide by having bugs in my house, but somehow I keep attracting them at this new place. I seem to have a never-ending supply of ants marching across my floors (despite the traps & lack of food lying around), a fruit-fly problem and now fleas. Fabulous. Not only do I have a mini-UN at my house, but also a small menagerie. And my landlord is a dick (that’s a story for another day).

There’s just a whole host of things going on lately and I’m left feeling tired and bitter. There are good things, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I am still getting more than my share of the shit end of the stick.

The only thing that Rogers delivers consistently is bad service

I spent half my morning on the phone with customer retention at Rogers this morning dealing with another of their fuckups.

When I say the only thing they deliver consistently is bad service, I mean it!

Billing me for twice the amount I owe for almost a year on my cell phone bills, jacking the price up on internet while the performance suffers and then extending my contracts without my knowledge. The funny part is that all of this happens when they’re trying to appease me because I keep trying to leave!

The real icing on the cake today is that I called in to upgrade (I know, I know. I only did it for work and as soon as my contract is over Teksavvy is getting my business) my internet plan to find out that my contract had been mysteriously extended without my consent or knowledge. After sorting that bullshit out for half an hour I finally get to the part where I upgrade my internet.

Oh wait, what’s that? I need a new modem, and it’s going to cost me $7 to rent one now?? Fuck.

I agreed to it because I really need the internet, and the person makes a work order for me to pick up my new modem tonight at my local store. Everything is dandy, right?


I leave work early so I can get to the damn store because I don’t know what time they close at. Yes, I called ahead but apparently answering phones or even having voicemail at a phone company is not something Rogers believes in.

So I haul my ass out there, wait in line for 20 minutes only to get to the bitch-ass dude at the front who is playing on his cell and barely greets me. I tell him I’m there for the modem that was ordered for me this morning, present my work order like a good little peon and he tells me…


And proceeds to give me shit attitude when I start to get upset. It wasn’t easy to get there and stand around for ages waiting to pick something up. I was also without internet (and so were my paying guests) while I hauled the old modem in for the switch. Not cool.

And the attitude I got was just amazing. The two working there looked like they hated their jobs and were taking it out on the customers. The guy treats me like an idiot because I’m incredulous that they don’t have any of the promised modems. He tells me it doesn’t matter that I have a work order and that I was told there would be one ready for me and makes it seem like its my fault that I didn’t call ahead.

I told that punk I DID call ahead and no one bothered to answer the 3 times I did. He just shrugged. Un-fucking-believable.

I just left at that point before I made a scene.

The best part?

I called Rogers immediately to complain and sat on hold for SEVENTEEN MINUTES. And never even got through.

Who the hell is in charge of their quality control? Their distribution? Their customer service?

I want to hear from these people and have something done about my account. This is just sick. How can they expect to keep me, or others like Krystal as customers with all this idiocy??

Just say NO to MoRoCo

Just came back from a lovely night with fellow bloggers Krystal and The Asian Pear. We started in Yorkville with dinner at Ginza which had good service, followed by MoRoCo Chocolat which had terrible service.

Let me share my experience with you so you can decide where to spend your money next time you’re in Yorkville. Hopefully it won’t be at Moroco.

I’ve been to Moroco numerous times. It’s a little expensive, but I love the atmosphere and the chocolate is pretty good too. It’s a real fun experience for a date or girl’s night out. It’s also great for an office Christmas party. Oh yes. I got my office to have their party there this year and it was awesome! We had everything on the chocolate menu and unlimited champagne and lattes. Go big or go home, I say.

Every time the staff was attentive, the food delicious and presented nicely.

But not this time.

Tonight we stopped by for a few tasty treats including macarons, frozen hot chocolate and French sipping chocolate. Our bill was near $50 for the 3 of us.

We seated ourselves on the half-full patio and ordered our items. We had no problems getting our food, but afterwards, oh my! It was atrocious!

As we were finishing up, gabbing away and enjoying ourselves (it was a lounge, after all) the downward spiral began. Let me illustrate it via a list of strikes against Moroco.


Strike #1

Normally when I order the sipping chocolat, I swap out the truffle for a macaron. In the past this has never been an issue, but this time the waitress said it was not possible at all (not even if I paid more) and I was stuck with a truffle. I don’t really like them and was surprised that she was so brusque about it.

Strike #2

The waitress cleared our dishes away before asking if we were done or if we wanted anything else. Had she asked, I would have actually ordered some more macarons.

Strike #3

The bill was dumped on our table far too soon, and we felt like we were being pushed out. We ignored it for a while while we were enjoying our remaining drinks, but the waitress kept coming back and huffing every time she saw there was no money sitting with the bill. Finally she came back and told us that there was a 30 minute limit for sitting on the patio if you’re only ordering drinks. She said this was written on the menu and that there were other reservations coming in.

There are several problems with this.

  1. It’s a LOUNGE. People go there to LOUNGE while they eat and drink. Why is there such a short time limit for this? Why wasn’t this actually printed on the menu? Here’s a screenshot from their site:
    Notice how they refer to themselves as a lounge & tout the MoRoCo experience

    If we just wanted a cheap & quick coffee drink we would have gone to Tim Horton’s! Why would we pay $50 to be rushed out??

  2. The patio was nearly empty, and there were other patrons having nothing but drinks who were there far longer than we were. Why was our small party singled out? We weren’t being loud or unruly, and we were dressed well.
  3. I didn’t order a drink at all, but one of their specialties from the menu. Even if there was some kind of rule, I would have been exempt on that technicality. It also wasn’t nearly as good as last time.
  4. If they really did have a reservation, they could have politely asked us to move to another table. We would have obliged, but this was never brought up. We were rudely told to leave, instead.

Strike #4

The final strike was like salt in the wound. We looked at the bill to find that we were charged the group gratuity rate of 18.5% on our order. Outrageous! We weren’t even a group or large party, there were only 3 of us!

According to their own menu, there is a gratuity charge, but only for groups of 6 or more. When did 3 become 6??

From their own menu, only groups of 6 or more will be charged the gratuity

At that point we were livid. We went out for a good time and some luxurious treats and instead were treated like we were scum. I was SO embarrassed since I had recommended this place! What a great impression of Toronto/Yorkville to give Krystal on her first visit to the area.

We decided not to pay the stupid automatic gratuity (and why the hell was it so high!?!?) and just paid the bill plus a small tip since we’re not misers. I also left a note on the bill explaining that it was unacceptable to charge us the tip in advance AND kick us out after only 30 minutes. After that we high-tailed it out of there, afraid that the waitress would come chasing after us when she saw the small tip. (Did I mention that the money hadn’t been on the table for more than a minute before she swooped in like a vulture and scooped it up???)


I am really disappointed by this whole experience. I really want to like Moroco, I really do! But if this is the way they are treating their loyal customers these days, then I guess my romance with fancy chocolate is over.

I just can’t get over our treatment. Here we are being snubbed by a waitress at a fancy establishment. HELLO. OBVIOUSLY WE CAN AFFORD TO BE HERE since, ya know, we ARE here.

Think about it, dear readers. Is this a place that YOU would like to visit??

Product Rant of the Day: Lysol No-Touch™ Hand Soap System

I talk a lot about the products I like on this blog, but here is one that I don’t like!

LYSOL® Healthy Touch® No-Touch™ Hand Soap System

So what’s my beef with something that is supposed to help you maintain clean and healthy hands?

It’s simple: Redundancy.

You just don’t NEED this product.

The Lysol marketing pitch is that this product:

  • Automatically senses your hands
  • Dispenses the perfect amount of soap
  • Provides antibacterial protection!!!!eleventyonee111!!

So that “you and your family will never have to touch a germy soap pump again.”

Pshaw. This is ridiculous.


First of all, the damn system takes FOUR AA batteries. They’re hard to install (yes, I actually set this stupid thing up and used it) and the sensor is a piece of crap. It’s really not as user-friendly as they claim. Multiple times I tried to get it to work, and when it finally did, it really wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be.

Second, it dispenses WAY TOO MUCH SOAP into your hands! So much was wasted down the drain, I felt guilty for trying to be clean! We’re talking gobs here, people. And there was no way to adjust how much was dispensed. We went through the soap refill container lickety-split, when normally a container of that size would last much longer. This wastage is not only bad for your wallet, but doubly-bad for the environment. The packaging was also way more than was necessary.

Third, it’s antibacterial soap. Unless you work in a hospital or doctor’s office there is NO NEED for antibacterial products. Proper hand washing with soap and warm water completes the job just as well without the harmful effects of triclosan and other antibacterial chemicals on your body and the environment. Read about the problems with antibacterial products/additives here.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if the damn soap dispenser is dirty! You’re going to be washing your hands anyway! Holy fear-mongering, Batman!


Overall I am disgusted by this money-grab of a product. They’re washing it with feel-good messages about protecting your family’s health, when it is anything but.

Expensive, hard to set up, redundant, requires batteries, extra soap refills, bad for the body and environment and overly wasteful in design, function and packaging!

This is one fancy gadget we ought to avoid.

/end rant

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I’m not having a very good day so far. I went to bed furious about this stupid gem shop that I’ve been trying to get to lately. I have silversmithing on Friday and need a stone. This is the only place to get it, but they have shitty hours, only 10-6 and I work til 5.

So I’ve hauled ass FOUR times this week to get there before 6 only to find them closed EACH TIME!

The kicker is that I even called the woman yesterday and asked her to make sure to stay until the proper 6pm closing time because I would be there at 5:30. The fucker left! She promised she would be there and she fucking LEFT! Before 5:15 because I even called! I went anyway, trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she WASN’T THERE! I went all the way there to find an empty shop!

I am so fucking furious with the people that run this place. There are a lot of details I’m leaving out of this because it would take me hours to type up everything, but I have EVERY RIGHT to be FUCKING FURIOUS.

So I went to bed angry and woke up crying early this morning. Despite my dream-blocking meds, a very upsetting and emotional dream slipped through… I had a terrible dream that my dad had a heart attack and then his heart became infected and he passed away. You have no idea how intense the sadness was in this dream. It was totally in your face and I woke up crying and out of breath. That never happens.

I was so upset about this that I actually called my dad this morning to make sure he was ok. The last time I got an intense feeling like that, I “felt” like something had happened to my cat. It turns out that she was ok, but the OTHER cat ran away! So I was definitely feeling something!!! (It was when I was leaving for Vegas, my buddy Tigger ran away for the whole week I was gone! He came back but it was so unusual!)

And now it’s raining, my day is filled with stupid conference calls and there was even one scheduled from 5pm-6pm! I am fucking livid! I HAVE to go back to that shitty store today and get that stone or I’m screwed tomorrow. Now if I have to stay past 5 today it means that my only chance is to go at lunch, assuming I even have time for lunch today!

I am just so goddamned PISSED today!


Ugh. I am saddened and upset by the new LouLou “collection” for Addition-Elle that they will be unveiling shortly.

I received this in my inbox today:

Looks pretty promising, doesn’t it?

So away I click, excited that there’s going to be a shopping party in my future and in my area! They wouldn’t send me an email otherwise, right? I mean, I DO live in Toronto, basically the centre of the Canadian world. Psha.

To my surprise I am redirected to a page on the LouLou website in which I discover that all the “parties” are happening at locations in the middle of nowhere. Not a single listing for anywhere resembling the GTA. (Edit: Ok there is one in Woodbridge. Woodbridge. It hardly counts as the GTA, especially when the flagship store is in Toronto proper!)

Epic Fail #1.

So I think to myself: “Fine. Maybe they’re giving the less fashionably-fortunate a shot at the parties first. Maybe Toronto will come later” and I surf over to the AE website to see what constitutes this “collection” from LouLou.

I am all for increasing the fashion availabilities for the plus sized market. We want to be fashionable, comfortable and pretty too, you know. We deserve to have nicely made & nicely tailored outfits that we can be confident in. They should be flattering to us, but not 100% black because life is more fun in colour!

When LouLou first paired up with Addition-Elle I was tickled pink. They made us fat people a little digest-size version of LouLou for Fat People magazine. I was so happy to get mine that I actually wrote to the editor of LouLou thanking her (she was nice enough to reply back. +5 for customer satisfaction!).


That email they sent me up there? It looks awesome. I’m totally digging the model’s look, and I have a well-established love of the military look (yes I owned the military look before it even became cool….) So I am expecting to see some really awesome chic & sleek items that most people can wear. Hopefully no more of the crap they’re currently trying to shill (polyester & rayon tents with no lines or even sense to the designs sometimes).

I’m hoping for something comfortable and flattering. Something timeless and classic that you could love. Basically, a decent collection that LouLou would support, the way they support other straight size lines of quality.

What do I get instead?

BEHOLD: The horrors of plus-sized fashion!

EPIC FAIL Infinity+1

Ewwww! My eyes are burning! Not only are these some of the most hideous animal print twill pants I have ever seen, I strongly feel that they should be taken out to the back and put out of their misery.

How can the AE/LouLou designers possibly think these are either a) fashionable or b) flattering? Especially on a larger body. I would shudder to see these on a slim gal, but on a big one? I think my fight or flight response would kick in.

The worst part? They want $90 for them. As if!

Those are arguably the worst part of the collection, but LouLou + AE go on to disappoint further.

Behold:Oh yes. And this beauty is guaranteed to chafe, cling & make you sweat in ways you never imagined with its 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex stylings.

I know the 80’s are coming back, but did they have to break out more shitty animal print PLUS gold chain for this??? Srsly???

I know I’m going to see some naive and misguided women wearing this. I just know it. And as I walk by I will cry on the inside for them, for they know not the crime they commit. I won’t sneer or look away because I don’t want to make them feel bad. They should feel confident in their beauty. But…. *sigh* This is awful.

You can get your own chain print top to sweat and chafe in for only $70! *gag*

Everything else in the “collection” (if you can even call it that!) so far is only slightly less horrid than those two, yet still ho-hum. Nothing to write home about. Except for the jacket. I actually like that one. PRAISE JEEBUS!

I just… have no words. Addition-Elle and LouLou, how could you do so wrong by us big gals? What happened? I had such high expectations (at least of LouLou, Addition-Elle has been in a downward spiral for years) and a blinded hope that one day you would produce beautiful, flattering, comfortable and affordable clothes of value for the big girls of the world.

Instead I get the dog’s breakfast. And an invite to a party that isn’t even happening in my geographic location. Ever heard of geo-targeting?

tsk tsk. I am disappointed in you.