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Just say NO to MoRoCo

Just came back from a lovely night with fellow bloggers Krystal and The Asian Pear. We started in Yorkville with dinner at Ginza which had good service, followed by MoRoCo Chocolat which had terrible service.

Let me share my experience with you so you can decide where to spend your money next time you’re in Yorkville. Hopefully it won’t be at Moroco.

I’ve been to Moroco numerous times. It’s a little expensive, but I love the atmosphere and the chocolate is pretty good too. It’s a real fun experience for a date or girl’s night out. It’s also great for an office Christmas party. Oh yes. I got my office to have their party there this year and it was awesome! We had everything on the chocolate menu and unlimited champagne and lattes. Go big or go home, I say.

Every time the staff was attentive, the food delicious and presented nicely.

But not this time.

Tonight we stopped by for a few tasty treats including macarons, frozen hot chocolate and French sipping chocolate. Our bill was near $50 for the 3 of us.

We seated ourselves on the half-full patio and ordered our items. We had no problems getting our food, but afterwards, oh my! It was atrocious!

As we were finishing up, gabbing away and enjoying ourselves (it was a lounge, after all) the downward spiral began. Let me illustrate it via a list of strikes against Moroco.


Strike #1

Normally when I order the sipping chocolat, I swap out the truffle for a macaron. In the past this has never been an issue, but this time the waitress said it was not possible at all (not even if I paid more) and I was stuck with a truffle. I don’t really like them and was surprised that she was so brusque about it.

Strike #2

The waitress cleared our dishes away before asking if we were done or if we wanted anything else. Had she asked, I would have actually ordered some more macarons.

Strike #3

The bill was dumped on our table far too soon, and we felt like we were being pushed out. We ignored it for a while while we were enjoying our remaining drinks, but the waitress kept coming back and huffing every time she saw there was no money sitting with the bill. Finally she came back and told us that there was a 30 minute limit for sitting on the patio if you’re only ordering drinks. She said this was written on the menu and that there were other reservations coming in.

There are several problems with this.

  1. It’s a LOUNGE. People go there to LOUNGE while they eat and drink. Why is there such a short time limit for this? Why wasn’t this actually printed on the menu? Here’s a screenshot from their site:
    Notice how they refer to themselves as a lounge & tout the MoRoCo experience

    If we just wanted a cheap & quick coffee drink we would have gone to Tim Horton’s! Why would we pay $50 to be rushed out??

  2. The patio was nearly empty, and there were other patrons having nothing but drinks who were there far longer than we were. Why was our small party singled out? We weren’t being loud or unruly, and we were dressed well.
  3. I didn’t order a drink at all, but one of their specialties from the menu. Even if there was some kind of rule, I would have been exempt on that technicality. It also wasn’t nearly as good as last time.
  4. If they really did have a reservation, they could have politely asked us to move to another table. We would have obliged, but this was never brought up. We were rudely told to leave, instead.

Strike #4

The final strike was like salt in the wound. We looked at the bill to find that we were charged the group gratuity rate of 18.5% on our order. Outrageous! We weren’t even a group or large party, there were only 3 of us!

According to their own menu, there is a gratuity charge, but only for groups of 6 or more. When did 3 become 6??

From their own menu, only groups of 6 or more will be charged the gratuity

At that point we were livid. We went out for a good time and some luxurious treats and instead were treated like we were scum. I was SO embarrassed since I had recommended this place! What a great impression of Toronto/Yorkville to give Krystal on her first visit to the area.

We decided not to pay the stupid automatic gratuity (and why the hell was it so high!?!?) and just paid the bill plus a small tip since we’re not misers. I also left a note on the bill explaining that it was unacceptable to charge us the tip in advance AND kick us out after only 30 minutes. After that we high-tailed it out of there, afraid that the waitress would come chasing after us when she saw the small tip. (Did I mention that the money hadn’t been on the table for more than a minute before she swooped in like a vulture and scooped it up???)


I am really disappointed by this whole experience. I really want to like Moroco, I really do! But if this is the way they are treating their loyal customers these days, then I guess my romance with fancy chocolate is over.

I just can’t get over our treatment. Here we are being snubbed by a waitress at a fancy establishment. HELLO. OBVIOUSLY WE CAN AFFORD TO BE HERE since, ya know, we ARE here.

Think about it, dear readers. Is this a place that YOU would like to visit??


Wow. I just checked my credit card statement online and somehow this cycle it has gotten up past $900.


I guess a bike is out of the question for me right now. This is ridiculous. I’ve officially never had a bill this high that wasn’t travel-related.

Shame on me indeed.

This is bad news all around. Yes, I am getting paid tomorrow, but in order to keep my chequing account float stable, I’ve had to take some money out of my entertainment fund to bolster it with. I am not impressed with myself. This stupid bill will take almost a whole pay cheque for me to clear.

I’ve got lots of time to do it, but I just hate the feeling of owing money, I can’t believe I let it get so out of control.

So. How am I going to fix this?

First, I’ve transferred some funds from another account into my chequing account to keep from going in the red.

Next I plan to cut costs as much as I can for the next couple of weeks. This is going to be hard (birthday party to go to on Friday which involves lots of money) but I need to lighten my load right now.

I’ve already started tranferring money to my CC for each transaction I make, so it’s more like using a debit card. This was FB’s idea and you can read about it here. This should help me keep track of things better, and also help me stay on top of payments. Thankfully I will not accrue any interest charges on this amount.

I technically have the money to kill the balance in one fell swoop–but it would be cutting it very close in terms of living expenses for a couple of weeks, and I would rather not take the risk of having a too-low chequing account balance in case something happens.

I guess it just goes to show that even though you’re a personal finance blogger who is passionate about their money, you can still screw up. I’m only human, and while I usually hold myself to higher standards than this, mistakes can happen. I just need to get back on the horse.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even if you’re not a PF blogger, you can’t give up at the first sign of trouble. I got myself into hot water, but I have a plan to get out. If I don’t stick to this plan and pay off my balance, then I will have to pay the price–literally. And that just doesn’t jive with me.

So I’m going to grit my teeth, tighten my belt and get through this. I know I screwed up, but I need to move on now that I’m dealing with it.

Silver lining?
…I should have enough points for free groceries this week :)

*sigh* When will the spammers ever learn?

This week I’ve received two emails of a dubious nature, both wanting to do a “link exchange” with me on my site.

I know it’s a scam. They’re not fooling anyone.

How do I know this? Well check out one of the emails below that I just received this morning:

from Shelly Brown
to Ginger Corsair
date Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 3:43 AM
subject Link Exchange Three Way to Optimize site

Hi Sir / Admin
I am Shine, I found your site very informative and valuable while searching through Search Engines..
I would like to become your real link partner so we can do optimization for our sites, which would be beneficial in the long run.
I believe in good quality links and the link should be from the content or article exchange and must be 3 way, this helps to get good value to the site
& trust..

So please let me know, when you will become partners and from when do we start our deal.

Trust me to be your true partner..:)
I will wait for your reply.. ASAP

Its Not a Spam.


Well now, despite the mention that “Its Not a Spam” at the bottom, it totally is.

Let me point out the giant FAIL in this email:

  • It was sent at an ungodly hour in the morning
  • I, a FEMALE named Ginger am addressed by Sir/Admin. Duh, anyone that actually visited the site knows that I am female.
  • She wants to do a link exchange but doesn’t provide a link to her site!
  • My site is not informative and valuable. Second way to tell they never even visited the site
  • Random &trust in there… coupled with crappy English & composition tells me this person is not a native English speaker, and is most likely a foreign scammer. Stereotyping? Yes. But I’m also right.
  • Also see: Random Capitalization Of Words
  • They assume right off the bat that we will become partners and start a deal. A deal?! Doing what? You never even included your link!
  • The whole email reads like it was stolen from a “blogging 101” post from somewhere and made to sound as if someone actually wrote it. It makes me giggle.

I suppose I could go on and on about this email and the other one I got, but it’s just too much work. I’m sure all bloggers get crap like this from time to time.

My beef is that these people are just fishing for links. If someone approaches me for a genuine link exchange, I’m totally happy to consider it. But it has to be a good fit and a real person writing to me.

I’ll bet dear old Shelly Brown is a real person… but managed to get her gmail account hacked.

So have you received any ridiculous emails like this lately? Emails that don’t include the link for link exchanges, or that want you to “promote” some retarded product that don’t have any benefit for you? Share your funny scammer email stories with us in the comments!


Eww. I just totally tried to eat one of my old Jenny Craig pizzas, and I just couldn’t do it.

I kinda wanna vomit now.

I wish I had some junk food.


On a more positive note, I finally got ahold of internet boy, J. I now possess both his cell number and a time to meet him tomorrow.

I asked him to call or txt me if he was running late and he said:

“of course… what kind of ass would I be to not let you know ? 😉 “

I’d say that’s a good thing, right?

How many countries can you name?

I love doing this quiz, but it’s much harder than you think!

Name as many countries in 5 minutes as you can (the average is 58), and see how you stack up to the rest of the population!

I did a craptacular 62 countries in 5 minutes and forgot some major ones, like Germany! Go figure.

Click here to take the quiz and tell me what you got!

Good News + Bad News

The good news is that my gold satin shirt came in and it looks great! I actually ordered the right size!

The bad news is that I am sunburned ALL over. Literally.

I didn’t realize nipples could get sunburned. What a silly oversight!

I guess I ought to lay off the tanning beds for a while. So much for getting a base tan for Cuba >.< *whimpers in pain*

JUSTICE † Disappointment

I got tickets to see JUSTICE tonight at CiRCA. Justice is awesome, my friend saw them in Tokyo and he said they’re incredible live. I’m so pumped to go.

I just got emailed the setlist, and I’m totally floored. They’re not on until 12AM tonight! I can’t believe it! Stupid DJ fancy-pants clubs!

Seriously, who schedules a concert on a Wednesday night at 12am, when most of the world has to work the next morning? I am so bummed.

I can’t not go now, so my only option is to go, try and enjoy myself and leave shortly after they come on stage. Tomorrow is already a looooong day for me and I don’t want to be running on 3 hours of sleep to get through it.

Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me I’ve got too much planned this week :( But why aren’t I allowed to have any fun? :(