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Swag Alert: Teletoon Goodies

Yay! The drought may have finally ended!

Since the economy has been doing so poorly lately, the stream of events, parties and general free stuff in the ad world has all but dried up :( Since moving to my position a year ago I was receiving much less anyway, but since Christmas it has been positively dismal.

So it was nice to get some left-overs today at the office.

Teletoon is going around all the agencies for their annual upfront presentation. This means goodies, and lots of them! I wasn’t actually invited to the meeting this year since I don’t work directly with TV anymore, but it turns out I knew one of the reps anyway, so he grabbed me a gift bag and candy apple, and I was later able to have some gourmet cupcakes from the kitchen, too.

Here’s what I got:

The cutest little tin lunchbox filled with a lip balm, rubiks cube of cartoon charaters, a couple of pens, a sticker and a cartoon deck of cards! And the caramel apple, of course 😉

Pretty good considering I didn’t even have to sit through the presentation!

I really like the lunchbox too. Normally I wouldn’t know what to do with it, but it just so happens I’ve been on the lookout for a small box such as this. So I turned it into this:

My dental kit!

I needed a small box to stash my stuff in…since the bathroom remodel there isn’t anywhere hidden to keep my things. I had been keeping it all in one of those bathroom caddy things, but I didn’t like the fact that you could walk in and see all my hygiene paraphenalia; not to mention my toothbrush was out in the open picking up who knows what kind of germs!

This way it’s all tucked away in a cute little box with a lid. If you look closesly you can just barely see my toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, cup, mouthguard and dental appliance brush. Neat and tidy!

I am just tickled pink! 😀

ChickAdvisor Shopaholic Event

I’m a member of the Toronto edition of; which is a really great review site for my area (and now across North America, too!). I love going there to scope out reviews on restaraunts, spas, salons, products, you name it! I also contribute by writing some reviews of my own. (Check it out! My username is gingercorsair)

Anyhoodle, Chick Advisor held a Shopoholic event last night at the Varsity theatre in TO that me and my friend MR went to. It was my birthday present to her :)

For 20 bucks we got a ticket to the show, a cocktail of our choice and a really nice swag bag. Y’all know how much I love my swag! I thought it was a pretty good deal.

It was a pretty good bag, even in comparison to some of the ad-event bags that I get. I totally dig that there were no ad-sales pitches included 😉

I was going to take a photo of my bag but it’s exactly the same as Lowe’s of, who I had the pleasure of meeting last night. So I’m using her photo. Hope she doesn’t mind!

For your viewing pleasure:

What you’re looking at there is:

  • Clorox disinfecting wipes in a super-cute dispenser!
  • Maybelline eye makeup including a liner, 2 mini-palettes and a single shadow in a lovely purple
  • Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto mascara (read my concise review here)
  • Maybelline bronzer
  • Maybelline lipstick & lipgloss
  • Dermalogica sample pack (with my fave microfoliant!)

Not a bad haul, eh? I traded the lipstick, liner and mascara with MR since I already have those items and she wanted them for her sister. Now I just have to find someone to give the Maybelline stuff to… I’ve already got all the colours in higher-end products so I don’t really need them. I guess the only things I’m keeping are the microfoliants from the Dermalogica kits and the Clorox wipes! Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Another nice feature at this event was the Dermalogica skin bar. I went to get a little skin consultation. The girl was great and very knowledgeable, but since I’m a beauty junkie already I didn’t really learn anything new.

As for the Shopaholic movie itself?

I thought it was cute :)

It was totally different from the books, but I think the same spirit was there. Of course its just as frustrating as the books; I wanted to reach through the screen and shake some sense into Becky Bloomwood; but overall it was a nice, enjoyable chickflick–perfect for my girl’s night out!

Well, I had a good time of it, so if they do another one you’ll probably catch me there! Who knows, maybe one day you might even bump into me!

More Mascara!

Sheesh, it seems like all I do these days is try new mascara! What’s up with that? Any companies out there want to send me some other stuff to try out? Maybe a car? lol

I’ve just been invited to another mascara promotional campaign, this time for L’Oreal’s new Beauty Tubes mascara.

It’s not out on the market yet so they sent me the European product to try out in addition to a nice set of mini-brushes, grey eyeshadow palette, liquid liner (to do a smoky eye look) and a handy carrying case:

As one of their female influencers testing the product, I’m expected to try it out this week and give them some feedback, and of course, talk about the product 😉 The good news is that I will therefore have another review for you all, and I believe I will also be able to offer you some exclusive coupons once it hits Canadian markets this month! Whoopee!

The technology or “gimmick” for this mascara sounds pretty neat (will post on it later) and I already like it since it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy!

The only thing is… I’ve already got 3 mascaras on the go! It seems like such a shame to open up another one when I’m not even done the others. Right now I’ve got the Lancome Oscillation to finish off, as well as a navy and black Avon SuperShock. And I’m going to Cuba on the 17th, so I might not have enough time to get to this new L’Oreal one.

What’s a girl to do?

Quantum of Solace Preview

Well, since all the swag and cool ad-event stuff I post about is such a great draw to this blog, I thought I’d mention that I’m going to see Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond flick tonight.

Yes, tonight.

It doesn’t open in theatres until noon tomorrow.

Tribute Magazine is taking me and my friends to see it before it officially comes out. Cineplex also invited me for a showing tomorrow morning. But its weird asking my boss “can I go see a movie tomorrow at 9:30am?” Although she let me do that for Dark Knight and SATC.

Apparently there won’t be any freebies at this showing tonight which sucks balls. Usually for this sort of thing there’s champagne, hors d’oeuvres and free popcorn/candy/chocolate free-flowing. But I emailed the lady organizing and she said to bring money (!!!) if I wanted snacks.

Uncouth! Barbaric! ME paying for my own refreshments? *clucks tongue*

I get so spoiled sometimes. Oh well, it’s not like I NEED the extra calories, right?

I’ll let everyone know how the night goes in a later post. I’m sure the movie will be great!

Swag Alert

Yes folks, we have some more swag!
I have some other stuff to talk about, but I’ll try and keep this post strictly on topic.
This was a relatively good week for free stuff! Perhaps I should list it by day?

A health & lifestyle magazine had a martinis and manicures party at Lux Spa in Yorkville. Oooh, swanky! I went and ate some really good appetizers, drank a gross bluish martini and had a pretty good dry manicure. Tis the season, so I got OPI’s Black Onyx colour. It looks fab! The lady did a really good job on my nails, and they stayed perfect until I knicked some colour off while cutting leeks today.

Another magazine came in an did a lunch presentation. It was awesomely catered. Normally food at lunch meetings sucks. This time they went all out and brought in steak and chicken, wine, beer and some fantastic salads and desserts. It was heaven. After the meeting there was a little “quiz” and we all walked away with Starbucks gift cards for our efforts.

A publishing company had a big shin-dig at the mammoth club CiRCA. Massive place, that. It was just the usual drink and schmooze, then there was a presentation by the creator of the CSI tv show, Anthony Zuiker. He didn’t look anything like I thought he would! Big nerdy guy, but nice! I schmoozed with him at the after party. Walked out with a modest goody bag which included a fancy cookie and a USB key.

Today I went to the LOULOU shopping party at some place in Yorkville called RK. If it’s in Yorkville, you know it’s going to be great! Now, if you’ve never been to a LOULOU shopping party, you really should go. Everyone gets a goody bag and they’re usually pretty great!

So, what did I get?

  • A copy of LOULOU magazine
  • A beautiful pashmina from RK. I almost bought one just like this, and I’m glad I didn’t since I got it for free!
  • Redken hair care samples & haircut discount at some fancy salon
  • 2 condoms! woohoo!
  • Frizz-ease sample
  • Biore face wash sample
  • LOULOU mini nail file
  • Bubble bath that smells delish
  • Jergens lotion sample
  • ANOTHER razor (I have like 18 of them now!)
  • A pack of 5 gum
  • mmmm delicious purse pack of Dove chocolates
  • iPod Touch bungee case (now I only need an iPod Touch!)
  • Full size lipstick
  • Full size lip liner
  • Full size Victoria’s Secret lip gloss (Why did we get this? Did Vicky come up to Canada??)

I also got to drink some really nice champagne/wine type stuff (strawberry!) and eat some hors d’oeuvres. Not bad, just for showing up! I was only there for 10 minutes, tops. No way I could afford anything in that store, even with a 30% discount. But they had nice jackets.

Well, that’s all for now. I don’t anticipate anything remarkable will happen on Friday, but you never know, right?

SATC Event Review

OMG!! Twas A great movie, even for a non-fan like me!

We got to the theatre at 9:30am, signed in then grabbed our complimentary popcorn, drinks, coffee and pastries and headed in. As expected, the place was packed!

I will not reveal the details of the film, but bring some tissues for the dramatic moments, and prepare to be rocked by the awesome outfits!

Just about every scene had the ladies dressed in a different outfit. Some I thought were awful, but some were truly stunning. Anyone even remotely interested in SATC should definitely go see this flick. It was pretty long, but I felt that it had a proper beginning, middle and end, so all will leave satisfied 😉

The whole event was pretty low-key. I thought for sure they would have done something a little more special… but I guess since this movie screening was such a big deal to start with they didn’t have the budget to do anything else. Oh well, it was still good!

Well, I’m off to lunch at the newly-opened Spice Route restaurant (ooo fancy!) with a rep. Maybe I’ll do a review of it later?

Evil Dead Reprised

So last night I went to see Evil Dead: The Musical again (!!!).

Only this time it was for an ad event. Metro newspaper was celebrating the re-launch of its website, so they bought the entire Diesel Playhouse out so they could offer us the tickets. We also got free food and Steamwhistle beer. Yumm!

You know the weird thing is, I couldn’t find ANYONE that wanted to come and see the show with me? Un-fucking-believable. Especially after my ravings on how great the show was. Erm… maybe I was too enthusiastic?

Anyway, I ended up inviting my mom who is quite possibly an even more rabid Fan o’ Freebies than me. I knew she couldn’t pass this up. I lucked out with the tickets, too. I stopped by the playhouse early and sweet-talked this really really cute guy into giving me the best seats in the house– primo Splatter Zone seats smack dab in the centre. It was pretty awesome.

I didn’t get as much blood on me this time, but was still artfully splattered. I also got a marginally better view of the production, and got to sit and chat with some of my pals from previous agencies.

We got a craptastic goody bag on our way out, and mom drove me home. Not too bad of a night.

In other ad-related news, I have a rep lunch tomorrow which should prove exciting, as well as a YouTube event going on at Tattoo Rock Parlour in the evening. If it’s worth mentioning maybe I’ll do a post on it later.

In other-other news, I’m doing better on my diet now. After a sinful week of indulgences I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain any, either. If I can get back on track this week I should be able to drop another 1.5 lbs. Wish me luck!