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Swag Update

According to the poll I had a little while ago, most of you want me to write more about the advertising world. Since I got such a great response on my posts about all the swag I get, I thought I’d dish what I got this week!

Surprise gift: We’re running a test campaign with a new supplier. I got an email from the CEO saying he’d sent my colleague and I each a small gift. We haven’t received them yet, but I’ll bet its good… this was the guy who gave us both $100 gift certificates to Oasis Spa for Christmas, when we weren’t even clients of his yet!

Laptop tote & spa-style terry robe: A newspaper came in this week to present some new readership data. They had a draw for a few prizes, and I walked away with this really classy lady’s laptop case (that actually fits my widescreen laptop, hallelujah!) that looks like a leather purse. It was stuffed with this oh-so-soft cotton terry-cloth white robe. “Newspaper Name” was stitched on the front in silver, but it still looks awesome and is very comfy. They also threw in a little keychain that is a digital frame. You can load 18 digital pictures onto it and display them whenever you want. On a keychain of all things!

VIP Movie tickets: Cineplex came in today and not only fed us lunch, but the interactive rep and I got in a conversation about movies and how I never go anymore. Apparently some theatres now have VIP sections with huge leather chairs, an age limit, and waiters to bring you your snacks. Also no line-ups. These are available to the public at extra cost and have to be reserved. He offered to give me some tickets to try it out! 😉 Way cool. I wonder if he was trying to pick me up though? That happens to us females from time to time… oh well. I’ll still go!

Evil Dead: The Musical Tickets: O. M. G. You guys know how I love this musical! A girl at work passed on an invite to Metro News’ relaunch party next week, and they’re hosting it at the Diesel Playhouse and we get to see the show, too! *squeals* I’m excited! I’ve requested Splatter Zone tickets but I’ll just be happy to go again!

Random food: Several lunches and breakfasts were brought in for us this week, and a box of cookies, too!

LOULOU Shopping Event: Tomorrow I’m off to an exclusive LOULOU Magazine event with Dermalogica. Again, this was offered to the public in their most recent issue. I’m not sure if it qualifies as swag since we each have to pay $10 to get in… but we were invited to it first? And we’ll get goodie bags there, too. Will have to post about that when I get home tomorrow.

So that’s what I scooped up this week, folks. Next week is fairly low-key other than the Evil Dead event and YouTube is coming in (that may prove interesting!). There are always new things being added to my calendar, though. Spring/summer is popular for hosting parties and all the TV upfronts will start to happen, so hopefully I will have more to post about!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your glimpse into my world…just remember, it’s not all glam and free stuff, I work like a slave, too!