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Having my ears lowered

That’s right, folks. I’m giving the old chop chop to my goldie-locks tomorrow!

Much like the wonderful and soon-to-be President Obama says, it’s time for change. I’m starting fresh with a new haircut.

Now here’s the funny thing: I’ve decided to go to the Vidal Sassoon salon here in Toronto, and while I was googling for reviews, it turns out FB went there last year and did a review. Not only that, but she’s also getting a ‘do done there next Friday!

Upon discovering this, we’ve decided to post some photos of our hair before and after our Sassoon cuts. Hopefully y’all can tell me if I did the right thing!

Why did I choose Vidal Sassoon? Well, I had a simple hairstyle done at a charity spa event done by a Sassoon stylist. She offered me some suggestions for my hair that I really appreciated. Most stylists I’ve seen don’t put thought into their cuts, they ask YOU what you want, but don’t bother to make any suggestions that would truly suit you.

I’m hopeless with my hair. I know I’ve got very rare and sought-after hair (according to all the stylists that have seen my hair up close), but I have no clue what to do with it, so when a stylist asks me what I want done, I just look at them blankly.

I want someone with experience and training that will help them look at me objectively and give me the best cut for me. I wanna look HOT, y’all!

I also want it to be wash and go. Ginger + product =/= success.

So without further ado, here are some photos of my hair… professionally coiffed for the most part so that it will be comparable with tomorrow’s look.
At a special event

At an advertising event

Trial run using my curlers

JUSTICE † Disappointment

I got tickets to see JUSTICE tonight at CiRCA. Justice is awesome, my friend saw them in Tokyo and he said they’re incredible live. I’m so pumped to go.

I just got emailed the setlist, and I’m totally floored. They’re not on until 12AM tonight! I can’t believe it! Stupid DJ fancy-pants clubs!

Seriously, who schedules a concert on a Wednesday night at 12am, when most of the world has to work the next morning? I am so bummed.

I can’t not go now, so my only option is to go, try and enjoy myself and leave shortly after they come on stage. Tomorrow is already a looooong day for me and I don’t want to be running on 3 hours of sleep to get through it.

Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me I’ve got too much planned this week :( But why aren’t I allowed to have any fun? :(

Sleeman Summerfest Recap

So last night was pretty cool. Almost everyone I invited to Summerfest showed up last night, so we all sat around and listened to a band and drank beers, then myself and my friend M’s husband J graduated to double whiskey & coke’s, getting smashed and talking about cooking the whole time. It was totally awesome.

I went out with M last weekend to Rok Boutique and had a great time, and it’s so cool that her husband is awesome too. Looks like I have 2 new friends! I like them a lot because they’re European (She’s Hungarian and he’s German) and I’ve got a European personality… just the ways that we think about things and interact with each other is so refreshing compared to North America. None of us feel like such outsiders when we’re together 😉

Anyway, they invited me over to their place for dinner tonight, but I haven’t heard anything yet… but to be invited was still nice since they were sincere! I think things are finally looking up a bit for me socially!

Unfortunately Hot CEO didn’t make it last night, but he texted me on my phone this morning apologizing and asking if I had a nice time. What do you suppose that means? Whatever. If he couldn’t make it to my “party” then I guess he’s just not that into me and it’s time to move on.

All in all I had a good night out with all my new friends (Hot CEO’s sales director came out and stayed with me, bringing some of her friends too, and my roomie came out too) but didn’t get many opportunities to mingle with anyone else… so it was crap in the romance dept. *sigh* story of my life!

Another social aspect I’m working on is this girl who might go to the Nine Inch Nails concert with me in August. I bought 2 tickets but don’t have anyone to go with…. so to Craigslist I went and have had a few responses! I basically placed an ad saying I was looking for a new friend who likes NIN too so we could go together. I find music to be a great bond between people and she seems cool so far. We’re probably going to meet up tonight or tomorrow and see if we hit it off.

It’s so weird shopping for friends, but I hope it works out!

Summerlicious is Delicious!

Sometimes I really love living in Toronto. There always seems to be something going on, especially in the summer.

Right now, Summerlicious is on until Sunday. What is Summerlicious, you ask?

Well, aside from being totally fabulous, Summerlicious is a span of 2 weeks when a large amount of the fancy-pants restaurants and bistros in the city create special prix fixe menus and open their doors to what I like to call “the general riff-raff”. That is, regular Joes like you and me.

Basically they make an affordable menu ($25-35) that includes an appetizer, main and dessert to showcase or feature the types of menu items and deliciousness they offer up on a regular basis. Sometimes they will create new menu items just for Summerlicious which is also cool. Generally to eat at one of these places you’re looking at upwards of $50/person, sans beverages, so Summerlicious is really excellent in that you can try these places out without a huge dollar commitment.

From the website:
“During Summerlicious, more than 130 of Toronto’s top restaurants offer residents and tourists alike the opportunity to sample a wide variety of diverse and innovative cuisine through prix fixe menus. Foodies can dine for a lot less on the specially created lunches and dinners that come complete with promotional prices.

Now in its sixth year, Summerlicious features three-course prix fixe menus priced at $15 or $20 for lunch and $25 or $35 for dinner.”

All the years that I’ve been living in the GTA, I never went to a restaurant during Summerlicious. But last night I changed it all and went out for my very first! Toronto has such diverse dining options I just love eating out in the city.

My friend M from kung fu and I went to the Bier Markt last night for some really awesome food and beers. I tried an awesome strawberry white-wheat beer from Belgium, and she had some Hoegaarden for the first time.

For the $35 Summerlicious menu I started with the artisanal cheese plate followed by some Chicken Coq au Beir, then a crème brule trio of coconut, peach and banana. YUM!

The food and atmosphere was fabulous, the server was good, and the best part was the price! With our drinks and tip the bill came to only $105, which was about $53 each. Not bad! Especially when you take into consideration how much our meal would have cost a la carte. (yes, I’m a geek and therefore costed it out!)

Cheese plate: $17
Chicken: $29
Dessert: $9
Total: $55

PLUS any beers that we got. I figure with drinks it would have added up to about $70 each, so I feel that $53 was a good value. I kind of cringe that it was $53 that I could have spent elsewhere, but I had a really great time, and a great experience, and sometimes its worth spending a little bit extra.

I must confess, lately I haven’t been doing too well in the financial area of life. I’m not in debt or anything, but I’m seeing my savings deplete rather than grow, which is very scary for me. Either tonight or this weekend I’m going to sit down and try to figure out the following:

Where is my money going?
Create a budget
Revise my savings plan and goals
Create a plan to pay off my credit cards to start fresh (OMG I totally got dinged with an interest payment this month. WTF, Ginger?)

I’ve been so busy lately that I really haven’t had time for anything. I’ve been meaning to sweep the floor in my room for 4 days… and the broom is still sitting forlornly in the corner. I haven’t been writing in my blog, cleaning or anything lately. This weekend I’ll be home though, so I hope to get a bunch of stuff done.

Anyway, I digress. Summerlicious was great and I just wish that there were more people I could go to the restaurants with, but everyone is either booked or broke these days, so no more fine dining for Ginger :(

If you’re in the GTA and haven’t tried Summerlicious (or Winterlicious) out yet, I definitely suggest you get your butts in gear and check it out!

Ginger out.

SATC Event Review

OMG!! Twas A great movie, even for a non-fan like me!

We got to the theatre at 9:30am, signed in then grabbed our complimentary popcorn, drinks, coffee and pastries and headed in. As expected, the place was packed!

I will not reveal the details of the film, but bring some tissues for the dramatic moments, and prepare to be rocked by the awesome outfits!

Just about every scene had the ladies dressed in a different outfit. Some I thought were awful, but some were truly stunning. Anyone even remotely interested in SATC should definitely go see this flick. It was pretty long, but I felt that it had a proper beginning, middle and end, so all will leave satisfied 😉

The whole event was pretty low-key. I thought for sure they would have done something a little more special… but I guess since this movie screening was such a big deal to start with they didn’t have the budget to do anything else. Oh well, it was still good!

Well, I’m off to lunch at the newly-opened Spice Route restaurant (ooo fancy!) with a rep. Maybe I’ll do a review of it later?

Melona Madness

There’s a Korean grocery store in (where else?) Korea Town that sells Melona in boxes…

So where do you think I headed after work today?


I was just in sight of the store when Rogers called me and told me the repairman was waiting at my house *doh!* So I had to scurry home empty handed and let him in.

Now I’m (…)

Haha just as I typed this the repairman told me it’s all working again! Yay! Turns out there’s some trouble on the mainline as well, but he’s fixed my house :)

Now I’m contemplating going back out to get some Melona!

Mmmmarvellous Melona!

Totally found a new treat today, folks!

I was out for a stroll at lunch with a friend and she introduced me to the heavenly bliss that is the Melona Ice Bar.


It’s a Korean treat that can only be found at a few places in T.O. What a shame! I found it at the corner of John & Queen at Gardenview Convenience.
It really is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten before. So smooth and creamy, yet light and refreshing. It tastes like you really are biting into a honeydew melon, which is my fave flavour! It also comes in Banana, Mango and Strawberry, which my friend assures me are also delicious. And! I just found out from my Korean co-worker that I can buy a box of the stuff at T&T in Markham! Oh if only the T&T was open down at Queen’s Quay! Bugger!

Here’s a link to another cool blog (I just found it by googling “Melona”) that I think I’m going to read more of! They’ve got a review of it and some pics, as well.
Oh yeah, photo credit goes to them. My wrapper was too dessicated for me to take a photo.