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Busy Bee!

I have been so busy lately! I have 2 airbnb guests right now (my Aussie student is here and he is awesome! We’re hanging out so much I think we’re married now… lol) and I also took a quick vacay down to the Finger Lakes region in New York.

That was kind of fun. Our extended family had a giant fancy-pants lakehouse on Lake Seneca all to ourselves. If that weren’t enough, it had hidden rooms and treasures and all sorts of fun things to explore! Plus my room was like staying in a castle. Awesomesauce.

Since we were in the wine region we did some wine tours and tastings. I came back with about 4 bottles of deliciousness. Yummo.

I was challenged to sit on every couch in the place. This is my proof!
My Aunt & I at Dr. Frank's Vineyard
The view from the lakehouse
See!? It's a castle room with real stained glass window! So luxe.

The vacation was a nice break; before that I was going full-tilt between social activities, playing hostess, holding a BBQ, celebrating all my jobs and more. The only thing I regret is spending so much… I bought a ton of stuff at the outlets nearby. I came back with 4 bras, 4 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, new dish sets, etc…. my parents weren’t too happy! LOL I just told them it was all for my San Fran trip…

Speaking of which I am just booking my flights now! I am still so stoked that I’ll get to work for Airbnb. I’m just a little concerned though about the actual employment part… so far all the docs and info I have gotten have been geared towards US citizens. I know they hire international folk, so what happens with them? I’m just trying to figure out if their contract and stuff is even applicable to me since I’m in Canada and will be working from here. Maybe they set me up as a contractor or something to get around US employment law? I have no idea but am hoping someone will be able to fill me in soon. I’m freaking out!

I just really have a lot on my plate right now and I think it’s catching up with me. I’ve been putting off work on my shop (side note, my soap order just came in! w00t!) and being generally lazy, but hopefully I can break out of that soon. No rest for the weary!


Have you seen my new shop yet? With Heart ( is an amazing collection of Original & Interesting Stuff that I have curated myself! Lots of beautiful handmade and hard-to find things for your shopping pleasure. Don’t forget that the holidays are just around the corner!


Invasion of the House Gnomes

Have you ever felt like there may be others living with you in your home?

I have. But I don’t mean ghosts or spirits. I firmly believe I have a case of the house gnomes.

I know when they’ve been active because things around the house always seem a little out of place, and mundane yet useful objects seem to go missing for an unholy amount of time.

Most recently I have lost my kitchen shears, BBQ tongs and my nice peppermint footcream. I can only imagine what they’re up to with that motley assortment…

I have looked high and low for these things and I just know it was the house gnomes because those items just don’t travel outside a certain sphere of location! I have absolutely NO reason to move my footcream away from it’s home on my night stand. I simply don’t use it anywhere else! How could it just disappear??

I try to take all of this in stride though. Sometimes I wake up and mysteriously find some task done, or the room tidied up or something. I do have a history of sleep-cleaning (no joke!) but I usually remember some of what I was doing. Lately I haven’t remembered any of it.

Maybe I’m going mad?

But really. It’s the house gnomes.



Thank goodness I don’t have a garden. Could you imagine?!!?

My Cat Iz Famus.

Check it out! Luna is today’s Caturday star over at Catsparella!

Click here to read her story and see some adorable shots. I’m so excited! (And happy. Its hard taking her photo!)

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Finally Getting EI

After a few tense weeks with absolutely no contact from EI, I found out today via their online portal that I’ll finally be getting some payments.

Looks like I might even get a little more than the max since I think I qualify as low income… LOL.

No payments as of yet, but next week I should see around $400 plopped into my account.

You have no idea how relieved I feel about this. I’ve been going over my numbers in my Mint account and without regular income of some kind I’d be in a real hard place.

I’m still looking for jobs but it’s slim pickings out there! I haven’t heard back on anything. It’s hard when you’re switching careers. If I had stayed in my old field I would have had a job by now for sure. I have the perfect resume for media jobs… but not so perfect for anything else *sigh*

The Big Idea

In other news, I think I have a business idea! It may be only part time to begin with, but hopefully I can grow it to something bigger. It’s not a new concept or anything, I want to open an online store and sell cool stuff. Particularly handmade/artisan things like you can find on Etsy. The difference is that I will hand-pick everything and curate the collection. I will also be handling all the marketing and promotion (which is half of any business anyway) to promote not only my store, but the artisans behind the work.

I want all the items I select to be beautiful and functional where applicable. Jewelry, housewares, health & beauty stuff… anything! I want to sell products that are interesting and have a story behind them so that the people that buy them can be proud of what they own and tell those stories! I’ll be doing some interesting things in terms of marketing (sorry, I can’t share all the details!) and will hopefully have community tie-ins as well. I want to support the local craftspeople that pour their hearts into their work.

My first challenges though are coming up with a good name, and also sourcing some neat items to sell. If you or someone you know makes interesting things and they would be interested in selling through me, please let me know! Ideally they would be located in North America so that shipping isn’t outrageous.

Anyway, there’s a little blurb for ya. I’m looking into some local business resources to get more information on writing a business plan and securing funding. Anyone have some additional Canadian resources I could tap?

April Hosting Recap

I know it’s a little early to be posting this, but I’m not accepting any more bookings this month so I already know how much I’m making.

Ahhh, April is a beautiful month!

  • Total Guests: 8 (or 10 if I include doubles)
  • Total Bookings: 8
  • Total Nights Booked: 35
  • Total income: $1,829
  • Income Year To Date: $2,969
  • Monthly Average: $1,484.50

A good month, money-wise. But it’s been a lot of work. If I were working a full time job, there is no way I could sustain this. I have to clean the rooms, wash the sheets, etc. after every stay. That really adds up! Plus I haven’t had a lot of time to myself. I would really like to be able to strut around my apartment naked once in a while!


Interested in becoming a host or using the Airbnb service to book your next trip? Click here and get $24 credit (I get it too!) Thanks, man!

Time for a Fresh Start

Your Chinese Horoscope – This Week

Even if you prefer to know what will happen next, this week can be very unpredictable. This unsettled energy is full of exciting possibilities. It’s an especially positive time to set challenging goals for the future. Make a list of the things you would like to accomplish. Post this list, have confidence in it, and see what happens. Challenging circumstances have nothing to do with the ultimate outcome. The celestial energy is fortunate for friendship and group projects.


I don’t put a ton of stock in the frilly free online horoscopes out there, but every once in a while they come up with a good reminder or a piece of timeless advice.


I’m back on the job hunt again, and this time I’m definitely NOT going to do media again. I just can’t take it any longer.

A talk with my bff last night helped put things in perspective – eternally optimistic, she was happy that my job was coming to an end “because it makes you so unhappy all the time!” and thinks that this could be the start of something fresh for me.

I think she might be right. I think I’m ready to let go of the stupid media world, the politics, exhaustion and thankless tasks. I have so much more skill and talent in other areas. Everyone I speak to (including my boss who is letting me go) tells me that I should find something to do that involves writing, hosting, presenting, being involved; that kind of stuff. They are my true strengths and where most of my interest lies. I love people, and I love words, yet I’ve been neglecting those two areas as a career path for the past 5 years.

The past few weeks have been quite unsettled and unpredictable, indeed. Some things (blogging, Airbnb hosting, gathering with friends, etc.) have been going well, but other things have been going quite poorly (health of loved ones, job situation, physical exhaustion). I feel lost and floating quite a bit these days. I need to get my bearings.

“Make a list of the things you would like to accomplish. Post this list, have confidence in it, and see what happens. Challenging circumstances have nothing to do with the ultimate outcome.”

No matter where this advice comes from, I think it came to me at the right time. I really need to sit down and figure out my goals in life rather than picking a direction at random and charging full steam ahead.

Keep your eyes peeled for changes, readers. They are a-comin’.



PS. Is anyone in Toronto hiring??