From time to time I will accept products, gifts and payment from select advertisers in exchange for a review and/or exposure on my blog. This helps me create some great content for you to read, as well as the occasional contest or give-away. Plus, I like money and free stuff. A gal’s got to look out for herself!


All posts that are sponsored or those for which I have received something in return will be either dead obvious, or will be disclosed as a sponsored post. If you don’t like reading them, you can skip over them, or give me money to stop/take them down. Your choice!

Please contact me directly regarding the category or specific product you would like to promote via Ginger Won’t Snap.

I would like to point out that because I am formally trained in media/marketing/advertising, I am the perfect person to promote and/or review your product.

I understand not only what the client wants and how to execute it, but I also have a deep understanding of my target market (my readers). You can use this knowledge, experience and skill set to your advantage, assuming there is no conflict of interest.

I did not start blogging with the intention of making money or getting free stuff; but look at me now! I have a growing and devoted reader base that are smart, savvy consumers looking for the latest and greatest from a source they trust. That would be me!

Current promotional partners: Environics PR, RocketXL, BzzAgent. I also do reviews as part of the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club.

I will accept free product, gifts and payment for my services, assuming that my personal information is not distributed, abused or used in any malicious manner.

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