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I like to read my horoscope. I’m not one of those very superstitious ladies that believe everything they read and live my life by it. Nope, I take it all with a grain of salt. I believe that there are good lessons and reminders, and the occasional insight that can be gleaned from the messages from the stars, but I don’t think they will really predict your fate or have a massive amount of sway over your life.

Some days my horoscopes are waaaay off, but on others, they can be bang on.

The following insight was my daily horoscope (can’t remember which day exactly) from last week. It was from one of my favourite sites: Astro.com. I like their horoscopes because they often delve into deeper issues and have more insight and constructive advice compared to your run-of-the-mill iVillage-type dailies.

Fair weather
There are wounds that do not heal with time. Instead they start hurting again given certain “weather conditions”. If this occurs, subconsciously we will withdraw into ourselves in interpersonal situations, or be oversensitive and react in a hurt manner without apparent reason – or we ourselves become particularly hurtful, without actually wanting to. However, if the weather is fair, as it is now, you have the opportunity to bring these painful things to light – preferably during a personal conversation with someone who is close to you. Looking into painful experiences in this way can make you freer in your behavior, your close relationships and your relation with your body. It can also prevent you from hurting others.

This is very accurate, and really strikes home on some of my personal issues. Who knew the stars had that much to offer? This reading really makes me think, so I wanted to keep it. Even though it was meant to be a daily reading, I think it will serve it’s purpose for much longer than that.

I’ve got a lot of emotional pain and trust issues cluttering my life, and this helps me get a little more perspective on things, and dare I say it: hope that I will one day sort through all of them. This reading describes exactly what happens to me in personal situations. I withdraw, get hurt, and sometimes lash out in a pre-emptive strike, occasionally with dire consequences. I need to learn to open up, share myself with others and not be so aloof, surrounding myself with walls all the time. I really feel like an impregnable medieval fortress sometimes. No one has actually breached my walls yet.

Hmm, that’s actually a good analogy. I really am like an impregnable fortress under seige from the general world. The only problem is that my inner wells are drying up and my people are starving and suffering from cabin fever. Not exactly the best situation for anyone, really. Let’s just hope the enemy doesn’t decide to throw over dead and plague-ridden bodies. Then I’d have an even bigger problem.

Ok, clearly my mind is wandering from the topic at hand; off to some far-away place in history. But I’m still going to post this and keep the horoscope. I think it’s something I needed to read.

Some of my favourite horoscope websites:

Financial Review

So you may have noticed that I’ve added some progress bars to the side of my blog. I found them on a personal finance-related blog, a girl was using them to track her savings for various things, as well as her climb out of debt. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I am a visual creature after all… so I got some for myself.

While I’m fairly healthy financially, sometimes I get carried away with my spending (I like to shop and buy new things to fill the void inside of me) and I don’t feel that I save enough. Having these visual tracking aids will hopefully keep me on track.

I think it’s a good idea for me to set some more goals for myself. I currently only have an RRSP that my finance dude handles, and a couple of savings/chequing accounts, many of which I don’t know what I’m saving for.

Currently I have:
PC Chequing account
PC Savings #1
PC Savings #2
ING Wedding Fund (Savings)
ING Savings #2

So far I’ve just been using my PC Savings #1 as my catch-all. It gives me 4% interest per annum if my balance is over $1000. ING only gives me 3.75%. I recently opened PC Savings #2 because I thought it might be a good idea to have another account to help me save for a specific goal such as travel or emergency fund. I currently have $25/month being deposited automatically in there.

I haven’t been using my ING Savings #2 since I discovered that PC gives me more interest. However, I think I may start using it as my emergency fund even though it has a lower interest rate. My reason? Lately people in my office have had their debit card numbers being stolen, one girl had $3000 taken out of her accounts. She got it back, but still… Last week I also got a call from PC saying that my card was on hold because a shop I had used it at was busted for fraud. If all my money is in my PC accounts, which means that they can be drained with only one card & PIN. Not cool. So, starting tonight I’m going to start funneling some of my cash into ING Savings #2 to establish an emergency fund.

I’ve already got an account in place to help me save for my eventual wedding. This may sound funny since I have no boyfriend and am pretty socially retarded, but I hold hope that one day I will in fact get married. Knowing my expensive taste in things I figured I’d better start saving early and make use of the wonders of compound interest. My goal is roughly $5000 (for now) and I automatically deposit $75/month.

So, after some thinking, here is what I plan to do with my accounts:

PC Chequing: Nothing. This is where my pay comes in every 2 weeks, and my rent comes out of. I’m going to keep a float here for expenses. Basically this is the Outbox of my savings accounts.

PC Savings #1: Shall now be for my condo downpayment. There is a lot of money earning interest in here, and if I split it up into my other accounts, I won’t be making as much interest. So I suppose I will have to start from scratch with my other accounts. Savings Goal: $25,000 until I start making more money, or can find a more effective way of saving/creating income from investments.

PC savings #2: Travel & Entertainment. I’ll start saving in here for travel and “fun” but larger purchases, like maybe a Vespa scooter in the future? Things that bring me pleasure and are under $10,000. Savings Goal: $5,000.

ING Wedding Fund: Already covered. Savings Goal: $5,000

ING Savings #2: Emergency Fund. I’m going to start saving rigorously for this one right now. They say you should have minimum 3 months’ living expenses in there. I’m going to calculate based on what I earn monthly right now, and add a little extra because I’m paranoid like that. Savings Goal: $10,000

Scotia McLeod RRSP: I’ll continue to contribute to this monthly. $100/mo right now. I’m still deciding whether I should throw a chunk of change at it before tax season so I can get a nice refund, then invest that again. It would mean draining my condo account. I’ll have to think about it. Savings Goal: One hundred BILLION dollars! Muahahahah! Realistically, I don’t know yet. I’ll have to talk to the money dude.

So here are my goals all added up: $45,000. This is not including the RRSP, I consider that separate from my personal savings. It seems like a huge amount, but once I start chipping away at it, it won’t be so bad. It also gives me some perspective now. I really need to stop spending so I can watch this bad boy grow instead.

I should also mention that I still owe my parents $1000 for my eye surgery in October. I’ve been giving them $500 every time I felt I could afford it (initial loan was 2k). I should have that paid and off my plate by March, if all goes well.

So there’s a general financial breakdown for me. I’ve got a lot of good advice and ideas for managing money, but it’s always different when its yours! Hopefully this will help some other young people out there with their money… I know I am always wondering how other people my age manage theirs, and if there’s anything I could be doing better. I’ll have to develop a clearer strategy for myself in the future, but for right now I think establishing the goals is enough. Now I know what I’m aiming for!

Accomplished vs. Normal

Well, I don’t really know what to write in here just yet, but I’m going to give it a shot. Judy keeps telling me that I should start writing again to stay healthy and sane, so here I am. A new year, a new me, a new blog.

I don’t have any specific goals for this just yet. I like to read other blogs (specifically on personal finance) and they seem to have people actually reading them. I wonder if I’ll have people reading mine eventually.

I’m told all the time how old I seem because I’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I don’t really see it that way– I see all the things I have yet to accomplish. I don’t understand why people instantly think it’s remarkable, don’t they want to do incredible things with their lives, go on adventures, meet interesting folks? What is life without pushing yourself?

Maybe I really am different from other people. I strive for normalcy in my life, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get it, and if I really even want it. Most times I like being a little different, as long as I’m the leader.

Maybe I’ll write some features on the things I’ve done in my 23 years; that would be a good way to create content and maybe remind me of some of the more interesting things I’ve done.

Hmm, something to think about.

Google AdSense

So I’ve heard a bit about this program from reading other blogs and also through work. It sounds interesting so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Google AdSense is basically a (possible) way for me to make income by allowing Google to place relevant ads on my blog. When people either click on them or even just view them (in some cases) I make a little bit of cash.

I like the sound of this obviously because it’s a chance to make some much-needed money, but also because we use CPC and CPM programs like these in ad campaigns for our clients. I want to see just how effective it is, and I’m curious to find out how much bloggers can potentially make from farming themselves out like this.

I think measuring by CPC is probably the best way for advertisers, because I’m not sure how they would measure the impressions. Maybe there’s a special code or tag embedded in the ads that allow Google to track IP addresses or something. Hmmm.

Man, it’s moments like these when I laugh at my self for being such an ad freak. This guy I once knew called me the Ad Queen sometimes. I’ll have to fill you in on him some other time. The thing is, I’m not so in love with advertising and yet I find myself thinking about it and analyzing campaigns I see on a regular basis. Not good. This clearly means I need a personal life.

Some people write their blogs to document their journeys out of debt, or to becoming a millionaire, but maybe I should write mine with a heavy bent on my journey to becoming social and having relationships. Of any kind. It’s easy to start a pity-party by saying this, but I really don’t have many quality relationships with people, or many relationships at all if I’m being frank. Which I am. So that’s an area I should be working on.

I also need to work on structuring my posts a little bit better! Ahh well, that’s what all this practice is for!

Testing 1,2,3!

The obligatory test post. Hurrah!

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