Beauty Budget Challenge Update

So I’m participating in the April Challenge over at Krystal’s blog. This month I have challenged myself not to spend more than $60 on health & beauty products. I know that seems like a lot, but with spring here it’s time to refresh everything. And I’ve also been running out of some of the things I use regularly.

Anyway, I’m just over halfway spent on the budget and we’re on the 2nd last week of the month, so I think I’m doing well! I was at under $30 before, but this weekend I visited Wally World and picked up some toothpaste, deodorant, etc. I did manage to get some razors for free! Gillette Mach 3 was giving away coupons at the Bloor station not long ago so I scooped one up. I don’t need a pink razor to do my legs, a man’s will do just fine, thank you!

I think I’ve been doing pretty well in abstaining from purchasing new eye shadows, moisturizers, etc. so far. Because of that money pinch I was in for a while I definitely could NOT afford to be buying fancy new stuff. I think it was good for me though. Pinching my pennies has forced me to look at my existing beauty collection and I’ve found some things I didn’t even know I had! So I’ve been trying them out lately and I’m surprised at how well everything is working out.

I must admit however that I did go to a Geox shoes outlet sale this weekend with mom. I bought 2 pairs for about $120, but that’s a good deal to me since they’re such good quality (and will keep my feet dry!) and are usually much more expensive. I’m fairly certain they’re last year’s styles, but I don’t really care since they look good on me and will work with my wardrobe!

So that gives you a bit of an idea on how my spending is going these days. I finally got my tax return and GST cheques which I promptly threw into my savings, and also paid my credit card bill with. I’ll have to update my goal bars when I get home tonight. I also made a Jenny Craig cost spreadsheet to help me keep track of my spending on the program, and also to help me create cheaper menus each week. This will help me save even more money.

I guess spring cleaning fever really has hit me! I’ve been cleaning up my place, my body and my finances! Watch out summer, here I come!

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