Schtickers Love!

Ok, I was browsing The Windowshoppist not long ago, and she had a post featuring a seriously cool laptop sticker from

I can’t believe I did this, but I actually bought one ($24 after shipping & conversion), and I applied it today!

I totally fell in love with the fine art schticker of Flaming June by Leighton.

Isn’t it beautiful? They had a really great selection of other designs too, that ran the gamut from trippy patterns to fine art. I’m a fine art friend, which is why I got Junie up there.

Here’s what the real thing looks like on my lappy!

Since I don’t use my laptop anywhere except on my desk, it didn’t make sense for me to stick it on like the website shows. I often keep my laptop closed when I’m not using it, so I put it on upside down so I could enjoy it closed!

It wasn’t until after I ordered that I discovered that you can actually design your own Schticker. I think next time I will do that! I like the fact that these are vinyl and reusable so they won’t harm my laptop and I can switch them out whenever I choose.

Pretty cool, huh?

5 thoughts on “Schtickers Love!”

  1. yeah, for real that’s pretty H-O-T! i don’t really use my laptop all that much (just got a new iMac, woohoo!) but if i start traveling again, i’m totally getting one.

  2. hey i’m from toronto too and i ordered 2 schtickers from their site. just wondering how long did it take for them to ship it to you? i’ve been waiting 9 days now, they claimed 5-10 days when they emailed me the shipping confirmation.

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