Think in Pink?

Spring must be in the air… I am finding myself oddly attracted to pink again!

Today I volunteered at a marketing conference all day, and in return they gave me a $50 gift card for the Eaton Centre! Yay!

So I went with my coworker N to blow our cards on something frivolous. We were even lucky enough to finish our day by 3pm! (however it started at 7am… ugh).

So what did I spend my money on, you ask? Why PINK stuff, o’ course!

Earlier I posted about getting my makeup done at an ad event in the Stila lounge at Muzik Club. I really loved the look, so the artist wrote down some of the colours he used. I’ve been meaning to pick them up and try them out, but they’re just so darned expensive! Like, holy-cow expensive! And since I’m in money-saving mode I decided to forgo on the fancy beauty treat.

But! With the gift card I was justified in buying something fun for myself! Sure, I could have bought some shampoo or the bobby pins I needed, but that’s so boring. So I popped into Sephora to pick those items up. It was great, the girl showed me how to use them and even helped me apply them, so I won’t look like a rouged whore when I do it myself. Always a good thing!

Here’s what I got:

Stila Lip Glaze in Papaya

These two items came to a whopping $66 after taxes… but since I had the $50 gift card, I only paid about $16 of that… and therefore am not overspent on my beauty budget challenge that Krystal is hosting!

On our way out of the mall we also stopped in at the Trade Secrets and I oogled the new OPI India collection of polishes. Y’all know how I love my OPI! Today I picked up this beauty:

I’m wearing it right now with a layer of Fireflies on top… it looks awesome! The irridescent Fireflies just adds that extra dimension to the matte colour. Very nice.

Anyway, that was an extra $11.25, but even then I’m still within my Beauty Budget Challenge amount of $60. I have spent a total of $27.25 so far.

Yay for pink! Now I’m off to bed to recoup after my insanely long day!

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