Surprise! Your Foot Is Broken


3 weeks ago I dropped a very heavy coffee table on my foot. Pain and really awesome bruising ensued (I even took photos!). My foot turned a delightful shade of purple, and I couldn’t touch it…not even to put an ice pack or cold cloth on.

I thought nothing of it, and went on my merry way going to bars, doing some marathon shopping, kung fu sessions and wearing high heels on occasion. The top part continued to hurt when touched, but I figured it was just the bruise not healing.

Today I was home visiting the family and discovered there’s a lump on the top of my foot now, and that 3 weeks later it is still tender. According to mom (who is a nurse) this does not bode well, and I am ordered to the walk-in clinic to get checked out.

The doctor confirmed my mother’s suspicions: I done broke mah foot!

Tomorrow I have to go get x-rays to see just how much damage I’ve done, and also to get an ETA on healing. I had no idea I broke anything, but I suppose it makes sense now.

I have been banned from doing stupid things (ie: kung fu, wearing heels) for the next oh, 4 weeks or so. However, I’ve gone this long without any problems, so I’m going to go to kung fu this week, and I have T’s wedding to attend, so I’ll definitely be wearing heels.

Yes, I realize this is stupid, but I have my reasons. I’m going to be good otherwise and wear supportive shoes to help the bone heal properly. My mom brought up a good point: the bone may heal incorrectly and could cause me problems later in life, or even need to be re-broken. Ugh. Neither of these outcomes appeal to me.

My question to my readers is whether you’ve ever broken any bones before? Or your foot, specifically? What did you do? Did you know it was broken right away?

I’ve never broken anything before, so this is all new to me!

5 thoughts on “Surprise! Your Foot Is Broken”

  1. Oh no! This is no fun at all. Sorry, but I can’t give you any advice as I’ve never broken a bone before. I have however fractured a rib and that was no fun at all. :(

  2. I have broken my toe quite a few times. I slam it into the wall or cupboard or a piece of furniture. Once I crashed on my bike and the only thing I did to myself was break this toe again! I went to the doctor the first two times and all he did was tape it to the toe next to it, so now I save myself time and tape it myself. A couple weeks of tapped up-ness and I am good to go. Sooner or later I will learn to walk and maybe stop breaking it. I hope your foot gets better soon and I suggest at least stopping the kung-fu till you know for sure what you are dealing with.

  3. Ack. Looks painful. I’ve broken my little toe and my ankle and as far as knowing, I KNEW my ankle was broken but it took a visit to the doc to find out that my little toe was broken.

    Keep off the feet as much as possible and I am sending quick healing vibes your way!

    PS – I would LOVE the Zucchini Bread recipe – yum.

  4. I’ve *thought* I’ve broken foot bones before from my awkwardness at taekwondo, but …. naw, the doctors didn’t think they were broken. Deformed, yes, but my girlfriend has said that about my feet since before I started kicking things on purpose.

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