Mmm mmm Good!

I did a bit of a grocery shop this weekend and am set to do some cooking this week!

As part of my goals I laid out for myself this year, cooking at home falls under managing my finances better and living healthier. I will hopefully save some money this way and also regulate what I am eating at lunch and at dinner.

This weekend was bad for me in terms of health–I totally binged on all the crap that is at my parents’ house. I think I probably consumed enough calories for a normal week in just 2 days. Ugh.

Anyway, I’m trying to get back in line, so this week I actually *gasp!* planned some meals for myself ahead of time. Since space is at a premium in my apartment I can’t just keep a ton of food on hand. It also goes rotten pretty quick when only one person is eating it…

Anyroad, tonight my plan is to make my very own quiche for the first time, as well as some chocolate chip cookies (I’m trying Mama Bear’s recipe!) and a curried carrot soup (my roommate bought a giant bag of carrots and asked me to use them up for her…).

If things go well I might photo-document the final results and let you know how they turned out.

On another note, I haven’t forgotten about the bathroom/kitchen reno saga. It’s just that I wanted to post photos of the finished product… and unfortunately now that the bulk of the work is done the guys are slow as molasses in getting the final details finished.

My kitchen and bathroom are functional… but all the pretty little details are lacking! I promise that once most of the work is done I will be sure to post some before and after photos!

3 thoughts on “Mmm mmm Good!”

  1. I need to do some more cooking too. I also want to make some more baked goods so that my partner can just grab something as he runs out the door in the morning. Instead he just stops at a coffee shop! So expensive when this is a daily habit.

  2. Indeed that is an excellent idea. I used to individually wrap muffins and take them to school/work in the mornings, and I think it’s time I started doing that again!

    Now if only I can find my muffin pans…!

  3. Let me know how the quiche turns out. I’ve always wanted to try but am scared it’ll just taste like one big omlet

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