*sigh* When will the spammers ever learn?

This week I’ve received two emails of a dubious nature, both wanting to do a “link exchange” with me on my site.

I know it’s a scam. They’re not fooling anyone.

How do I know this? Well check out one of the emails below that I just received this morning:

from Shelly Brown
to Ginger Corsair
date Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 3:43 AM
subject Link Exchange Three Way to Optimize site

Hi Sir / Admin
I am Shine, I found your site very informative and valuable while searching through Search Engines..
I would like to become your real link partner so we can do optimization for our sites, which would be beneficial in the long run.
I believe in good quality links and the link should be from the content or article exchange and must be 3 way, this helps to get good value to the site
& trust..

So please let me know, when you will become partners and from when do we start our deal.

Trust me to be your true partner..:)
I will wait for your reply.. ASAP

Its Not a Spam.


Well now, despite the mention that “Its Not a Spam” at the bottom, it totally is.

Let me point out the giant FAIL in this email:

  • It was sent at an ungodly hour in the morning
  • I, a FEMALE named Ginger am addressed by Sir/Admin. Duh, anyone that actually visited the site knows that I am female.
  • She wants to do a link exchange but doesn’t provide a link to her site!
  • My site is not informative and valuable. Second way to tell they never even visited the site
  • Random &trust in there… coupled with crappy English & composition tells me this person is not a native English speaker, and is most likely a foreign scammer. Stereotyping? Yes. But I’m also right.
  • Also see: Random Capitalization Of Words
  • They assume right off the bat that we will become partners and start a deal. A deal?! Doing what? You never even included your link!
  • The whole email reads like it was stolen from a “blogging 101” post from somewhere and made to sound as if someone actually wrote it. It makes me giggle.

I suppose I could go on and on about this email and the other one I got, but it’s just too much work. I’m sure all bloggers get crap like this from time to time.

My beef is that these people are just fishing for links. If someone approaches me for a genuine link exchange, I’m totally happy to consider it. But it has to be a good fit and a real person writing to me.

I’ll bet dear old Shelly Brown is a real person… but managed to get her gmail account hacked.

So have you received any ridiculous emails like this lately? Emails that don’t include the link for link exchanges, or that want you to “promote” some retarded product that don’t have any benefit for you? Share your funny scammer email stories with us in the comments!

5 thoughts on “*sigh* When will the spammers ever learn?”

  1. (giggles hysterically) I cannot STAND spammers, in email or on Twitter. Do they think they're being slick? Is anyone still falling for this crap? I wish I had some funny stories to tell; I'll have to keep an eye out!

  2. I get those every once in a while. And I especially love the ones that say they've been a longtime reader and reference a couple of posts. Only thing is that they only reference the posts on the first page and nothing older. I just ignore them. If I want to put up their link, I would have done it already.

  3. I got an e-mail the other day from some guy asking me for my picture, location and BREAST SIZE!


    What a creep!

  4. Woah. Breast size. That definitely pops up on my radar.

    Abort! Abort!

    Good thing is that most of them don't ever reply to you anyway, even if you DO ask them for their link. I just don't get it sometimes.

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