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I love the show Mad Men. I love it because its entertaining and dramatic, and also shows what it was like working in an ad agency in the 60s.

I also love it because not a ton has changed since then!
Men are still paid more (I don’t love this part so much), people are relatively stylish, clients are still tough to work with and we still drink in our office.

So when I found out via FB that you could make a Mad Men-style avatar of yourself, I was totally stoked!

This was so much fun, and I love that my character actually looks like me! When I go out after work to a martini bar, sometimes I actually dress the same way my character does, including the red lipstick and hair! lol

Here’s what I will be using as my avatar from now on:

With a resurgence of interest in retro-styling and all things ’50s, a lot of the lounges and bars are starting to recreate the look, so below is pretty accurate, too!

It’s just so cool.

Have you Mad Men’d yourself yet?

One thought on “New Icon!”

  1. I totally Mad Menified myself! Loved it. Haven't ever watched the show…maybe I should check it out?

    Love your avatar!!

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