Do you like it?

Woohoo! I think I found a layout I finally like… at least enough for me to keep it around for a while!

What do you guys think?

Personally I like the colour scheme (the orange reflects the chipper side of my personality! lol) and that it is clean and simple. I want something minimal, but still with some pizazz. Something that was sort of Ginger-like.

I’m still struggling a little bit with that first dark grey sidebar there…none of my widget titles are showing up because the colour for the text and the bg are the same. I’ve scoured the CSS file but no luck figuring out which hex codes I need to change :S Man, it has been a LONG TIME since I did any webdesign. Looking at this stuff I am just blown away…

To put it in perspective, I was just getting out of webdesign when PHP was just starting to make a big splash. I remember when tables, CSS and XHTML were the hot shit. Now I don’t even know what happened to XHTML or DHTML.

Anyway, another rant for another day I guess. I’m just happy to be back and ready to rock.

And I’ll tease you once again: I’ve got a contest coming up! I just got photos of the prizes and I am jealous! Hang tight!

4 thoughts on “Do you like it?”

  1. Lookin’ good Ginger! I think it’s a nice theme but like you, I also am unsure about the dark grey sidebar. I wish I could help you with the widget titles but you are talking to a complete and utter web idiot here when it comes to design. Sorry :( I’m sure you’ll figure it out though.
    .-= sparklytosingle´s last blog ..Makeover =-.

  2. Liking the new layout! It’s fun and jazzy. Don’t like the dark grey sidebar though, could it be lightened up, like, a LOT more? Or maybe even a light blue or a light red?

    Afraid I can’t help with CSS either; I’ve got you beat, the last time I played around with coding was back in 2000 or so!
    .-= eemusings´s last blog ..A charmed life! =-.

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