The Outfit!

You asked for it… here’s what I wore to the xmas party last night:

the outfit

As you can see, I am not only short on mirrors in my apartment, but I also take horrible photos past 11pm! But this is all you’re gonna get since I don’t think I could wrangle myself into that outfit again any time soon!

The party went well, the food was nice and most people dressed up. I had a decent time, though the fact that I am an outsider (or possible an Outlier if I think positively) really shines at this kind of stuff. After a while I felt like I wasn’t even visible at the party, so I went home around 11.

It was a Tuesday anyway. Who books a holiday party on a Tuesday???

Hopefully I can get this post up on Fatshionista… let’s see if they approve it!

Also, thanks FB for editing the photo for me!

10 thoughts on “The Outfit!”

  1. I think it's cute….but your lighting is less than ideal, lol.

    Office parties are a weird thing for me. I get along great with everyone, but since I don't spend as much time with any particular people, I often feel left out. (Particularly when others spend day in, day out working together.) So I usually go, but I don't last very long either.

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