Moving Day!

Well, today’s the big day!

My old, financially-unreliable roommate is moving out, and the new one is moving in!

What’s funny is that it seems everyone else had the same idea for this weekend! My street is positively filled with moving vans, giant garbage heaps of old furniture and people milling about with boxes!

It’s as if everyone decided that May 1st is the best date to move in. Really, I can’t blame them! I myself moved in here on May 1st 3 years ago. OMG that makes today my 3rd anniversary of moving to Toronto and becoming a big city girl. Yay!

I am celebrating by cleaning & purging. Some of the floors and walls have not been visible for over 2 years. Now that the furniture and rugs are gone, I can finally tackle them and give them a good once-over!

I even cleaned the inside of the fridge! No more funny smells for me! Underneath the sinks where the garbage cans are is all clean, too. And of course the bathroom is spotless. But it’s usually in a near-state of cleanliness.

I think the biggest project is my bedroom. I have a lot of crap, people. I have a big room, but more than enough stuff to fill it!

I could never be a minimalist, but sometimes I wish I had less stuff! The thing is, I actually like all of my items. I only keep things that have sentimental value, or that bring me joy when I look at them. However that is still a lot of stuff! I would love to be able to move some of my more decorative items out of my room and into the general apartment space, then others can enjoy them as well. Maybe this new girl will be open to using personal items to decorate?

I also have about 100lbs of laundry to do :( I am NOT happy about that. My kitty has been having some issues using her litter box lately and she seems to think it’s ok to pee on my bed. My BED. It’s awful. Anytime I see a new spot where she’s gone I have to strip the bed and start cleaning the mattress–there is NO WAY that I am going to let that cat pee smell set into my mattress!

So while I’ve been able to successfully clean the mattress, I have a few pillows, several sheet sets, blankets and even a bedspread that are awaiting a good wash! Ugh what I would give for a washing machine in my apartment! Instead I have to haul them around the corner and down the hill (then back up!) to the local laundromat. I hate it.

So I guess that’s the next major project of the day or weekend. But I really don’t want to do it, that’s 2 hours of my day gone doing nothing. I may just procrastinate until next weekend and get someone to pick me up and take me to my parents’ where I can wash in comfort.

6 thoughts on “Moving Day!”

  1. Congrats on your 3 year anniversary! It feels so nice to be able to clean and have a fresh feeling place, no? I just finished my last final exam thursday and I've been madly tidying, cleaning and re-arranging things in my place since! I hope the new roommate is better than the last one!

  2. I think I heard somewhere that May was "National Moving Month"….so maybe that explains all the moving people? (Then again I'm in a different "nation", hehe) I hope your new roommate works out better than the last!!

    I too have lots of crap. Clothes is a big part of it, but I have lots of random crap I never use yet I can't bear to part with. I think it's hereditary! lol. My mom, grandmother and aunts have the same problem!!

  3. I understand- I attach sentimental value to almost EVERYTHING! Luckily, I have two rooms (my apartment and my room at my parents' house) to keep my things in. Every so often it still feels good to purge though.

    Our little girl kitten used to have litterbox issues too. Dunno if you tried this or not already, but try changing the litter. Ours wouldn't go in the box at all, or she would reach in and scoop it all outside of the box unless it was the brand "Glamour Kitty" (a quite fitting name for the situation!). Also, the smell of where they peed once can lure them in to pee in the same spot again. They have those cleaners though that are supposed to get rid of the smell so they can't smell it anymore.

  4. One of my kitties goes through peeing in places she shouldn't. I don't know if you have one already, but you can get mattress protectors that go under sheets and will prevent anything from getting through to the mattress.

  5. Thanks for the kitty tips, ladies!

    I've found a litter that Sheba is ok with, and every time I see her using her box properly I coo and give her some positive reinforcement. She seems to be using it ok now.

    As for the bed, I bought a cheap plastic shower curtain that I lay over it every morning after I make the bed. She doesn't really like walking on it so it's a deterrent (keeps the dark hair off my white bed spread, too!). So far so good, there haven't been any accidents since I covered the bed! I have also purchased a waterproof mattress cover, just in case.

    I'm hoping that after a couple of months with the shower curtain, it won't occur to her to pee on the bed anymore. I'd like to think that she was only doing it because there has been so much emotional stress and change in the household lately and it was stressing her out too.

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