Review: Whooga Boots, The Better Ugg Boots

Ok, this is part review and part public service announcement.

I would like to start out by saying that

Any kind of suede sheepskin-like boot called an ugg or something similar is NOT a real outdoor boot! (despite what the fashion world and retailers tell you)

They are NOT meant for wearing out in the slushy snow!

They are NOT going to protect your feet from wetness nor slippery walking surfaces!


Thank you.

This is what happens when you wear uggs outside


Yes, you read that right. Ugg boots are originally from Australia and made from their soft sheepskins. Most of you know that already. You also know that they are incredibly comfy, and also butt-ugly.

Hence the name.

“Ugg” = UGly

Get it?

An ugg boot is a type of houseboot that is used to keep your feet warm as you bum around the house and potentially your yard. It’s bad form to be seen in public in Australia wearing them outside of your house–a huge fashion no-no. I have no idea why North Americans seem to think it’s acceptable to wear these outside of the house. Do you wear your slippers outside? Because that’s what these really are!

Anyway, you obviously see that I have a beef with ugg-type boots and the people who wear them. But if a person and company respect the true nature of the boot, then I am all for them!

Whooga is one of those companies.

I was offered a pair of Whooga brand ugg boots in exchange for a review, so here it is.

I like them.

And I like that the company is honest about their goals and what the boots are truly meant for. I told the company I wouldn’t review them if they were touting the footwear as a winter boot, because that is just irresponsible marketing. Here is the response I got back (emphasis is mine):

We pitch them for warmth and comfort, ugg boots are fine on trips outdoors so long as they remain dry and away from the snow. The leathers are very (very) porous and so the snow will stain them. You can use a silicone based leather protector and this will go a long way to protecting the boots if you’re outside and can’t avoid the rain. The boots really are designed for indoors though, the soles are a lightweight softer wearing sole which is not rugged enough for harder surfaces. With that all said we receive emails all the time from people that actually sleep in them! They really are that warm.

So, what do I think?

The Actual Review

These make excellent slippers or house shoes. All claims regarding comfort, luscious softness and cuteness are true. The lining is thick and silky and so far I have not had sweaty-feet syndrome that other sheepskin slippers give me.

I chose the mini violet pair and they are adorable. I love the two shades of violet that are used on the outside.

At first the sole is very hard, but I’ve been wearing them for a week now (constantly–LOL) at home and it feels like it is softening up. I like that the sole is a little tougher than a traditional slipper since I have hardwood floors. It’s easier to get around the house in these as they feel more like proper boots.

They are SO WARM AND COMFORTABLE. And it’s best to wear them barefoot! :) I really don’t like to take these off at all! They are the first thing I put on when I come home from a cold trek outside.

Before these boots, I was a skeptic. I couldn’t understand why people would want to wear something so ugly on their feet. But now, I understand.

I don’t ever plan to wear these out in public. They are a replacement for my old traditional-style sheepskin slippers. If you want something so-ugly-it’s-cute to wear around the house, then I would definitely recommend these for their superior fleecy comfort and nice styles (as far as ugg-ly boots go! Ha!).

Lessons Learned

So children, what have we learned today?

  1. Ugg boots are not meant to be worn outside of the home
  2. “Ugg” is a generic term for a sheepskin indoor boot. There are several brands that make them, Whooga being one of the better brands
  3. Whooga uggs are best when worn barefoot!
  4. If you’ve stuck around this long, you deserve a discount code!

To receive 10% off your order, just enter code 1485GINGER at the Whooga checkout before February 27, 2011.

6 thoughts on “Review: Whooga Boots, The Better Ugg Boots”

  1. I fully agree that boots like these should NOT be worn outside. Maybe if you were running to grab the mail, but no more than that! I am concerned about my feet getting too sweaty in boots like these (which is another reason I can't imagine wearing these walking around town). I'll have to check out the Whooga website and see if I can find myself a pair. My poor slippers are on their last leg!

  2. I'm so glad you mentioned that uggs are meant to be indoor boots! I have not understood why people wear them outside – as they would ruin the soft, fuzzy, warmth of them – as you stated!

    Though after reading your review on the Whooga, I think I may ask for a pair to replace my current slippers. I can see wrapping up in a blanket with a hot chocolate and a book and a pair of these on my feet.

    Great review!!

  3. Haha, I love this!
    I love my Uggs, but you are 100% right – they suck in the wet and the super cold.
    I can get away with wearing them in packing snow but that's about it.

    Tell it like it is sista 😉
    Lauren from ChickAdvisor

  4. Wow, these seem like the perfect slippers … my problem with slippers in general is that they slip and slide on hardwood and laminate floors, and I guess you wouldn't have any problems with these!

    How are you feeling otherwise, Ginger? Will you do an update post on life post-surgery?

  5. I hang my head in shame and admit that I wear my Uggs out all the time. I have 3 pairs and I absolutely love them. I did at first think that they were an eyesore but they are so warm and comfortable that I quickly stopped caring. Because I live in a climate with A LOT of snow they do get a worn, but I am lucky to live in a city with a sheepskin processing plant and they clean them for me for $20 a pair at the end of every season.

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