April Hosting Recap

I know it’s a little early to be posting this, but I’m not accepting any more bookings this month so I already know how much I’m making.

Ahhh, April is a beautiful month!

  • Total Guests: 8 (or 10 if I include doubles)
  • Total Bookings: 8
  • Total Nights Booked: 35
  • Total income: $1,829
  • Income Year To Date: $2,969
  • Monthly Average: $1,484.50

A good month, money-wise. But it’s been a lot of work. If I were working a full time job, there is no way I could sustain this. I have to clean the rooms, wash the sheets, etc. after every stay. That really adds up! Plus I haven’t had a lot of time to myself. I would really like to be able to strut around my apartment naked once in a while!


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