March Hosting Recap

I’ve decided to start tracking my income via hosting on Airbnb. I knew I was making money, but didn’t know how much! I also wanted to see if the money I sunk into redecorating recently was worth it.

Here’s the rundown for the past month.


  • Total Guests: 3
  • Total Bookings: 4 (one guest extended her stay)
  • Total Nights Booked: 20
  • Total income: $1,140
  • Income Year To Date: $1,140

My year begins in March because that is the first month that 100% of the income is mine. Previously I had to split with my roommate.

So far April is shaping up pretty well. I will be making almost the same amount, perhaps more if I accept more bookings. This is good news for me!

Interested in becoming a host or using the Airbnb service to book your next trip? Click here and get $24 credit (I get it too!) Thanks, man!

2 thoughts on “March Hosting Recap”

  1. I’d love to hear more about how the Air bnb really works. I think it is a great idea, but after reading about your alcoholic guest, the idea sorta scares me too! How are common areas shared? or are they at all? I live in a three bedroom townhouse, and it’s usually just me, so I’ve got room to host, and I live close to a major metropolitan area, but am still a bit fearful of strangers in my house.
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  2. Well basically, it\’s just like having a regular guest or roommate. They get their own room and can hang out in the living room, use the kitchen, etc. At least in my place.

    You can set your own rules, but the idea is to have fun!

    Every user has a profile, so you can see if they have been reviewed before. Most people I have dealt with are just regular people like me. The alcoholic guy was a fluke I think.

    But you DO want to use your common sense. You can always decline a booking, or restrict it just to women or something. Only do what you are comfortable with.

    If you\’re interested in signing up to see what it\’s like, you can click the ad on the top of this page (I get a referral fee and you do too!) or click here.

    You could always try listing and doing 1 or 2 bookings to see how you like it. You can quit at any time.

    Let me know what you end up doing!
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