Basket Case!

Yup, I’m at it again + cat photos

I just can't help myself


Well, I’m still pretty bored with things these days. So I found another random item to paint. Above is my lost, forlorn chair. It came with the apartment when I moved in 4 years ago and was ugly in it’s unfinished state. A chair with good bones, though.

I reupholstered it Red Green style (with duct tape, for you non-Canadians) and it looked better… but still needed a little something.

I’ve got some white paint left over from repainting the dining room a couple of months ago and I was bored, so…. there you go.

Painted chair ahoy!

One more coat and this baby’ll be ready for it’s new cushion and new life as a stylish matching chair to my decor.


Anyway, if a photo of a half-painted chair doesn’t do it for you, here are some photos of my cat Luna to make up for it. She’s going to be featured in this week’s Caturday post over at the Catsparella blog. Isn’t that exciting?!?!


Basket Case!
In which Luna finds the secret window garden
My butt DOES NOT look fat!!!!
Kitty, deconstructed
Nevermind, I found the rest of her in the box

I totally realize that she is making weird faces in these photos. It’s like this all the time at home. Never-ending chuckles!

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