Invasion of the House Gnomes

Have you ever felt like there may be others living with you in your home?

I have. But I don’t mean ghosts or spirits. I firmly believe I have a case of the house gnomes.

I know when they’ve been active because things around the house always seem a little out of place, and mundane yet useful objects seem to go missing for an unholy amount of time.

Most recently I have lost my kitchen shears, BBQ tongs and my nice peppermint footcream. I can only imagine what they’re up to with that motley assortment…

I have looked high and low for these things and I just know it was the house gnomes because those items just don’t travel outside a certain sphere of location! I have absolutely NO reason to move my footcream away from it’s home on my night stand. I simply don’t use it anywhere else! How could it just disappear??

I try to take all of this in stride though. Sometimes I wake up and mysteriously find some task done, or the room tidied up or something. I do have a history of sleep-cleaning (no joke!) but I usually remember some of what I was doing. Lately I haven’t remembered any of it.

Maybe I’m going mad?

But really. It’s the house gnomes.



Thank goodness I don’t have a garden. Could you imagine?!!?

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