Hello, World!

Hey guys! It’s been a while!

I needed a bit of a break and ran out of things to talk about. But now I’m back on a part-time basis.

There’s a lot of catching up to do!

Me and Kid Koala in Toronto. Don't judge, it was the most recent photo I had!

I guess the biggest update is that I moved to a new apartment. An upgrade, to be exact. I went from a 2-bedroom in a residential area to a 4-bedroom in a trendier area of the city. I’m going full steam ahead with the B&B business and have 3 rooms to rent out now! The hope is that within a couple of years I’ll have enough banked to get another studio apartment somewhere in the city and rent that out as well. Long-term, I’m looking at becoming a property manager (in addition to running With Heart and working at Airbnb.com). It’s been a wild ride! I got possession of the apartment mid-February and moved in at the beginning of March.

I’m excited because I’m having my first party this weekend. You know how I love to throw parties! This is the housewarming party where I show off the new place to everyone. Two weeks later is the perennial favourite…

The Tea Party!!!


I’ve actually had to re-brand it as the Garden Party because too many people come to it now and I ran out of tea cups and place settings for a proper tea party. This should still be awesome though, with the standard tea + menu, formal attire and hats per usual. I’ll keep you guys updated on the plans for that since it’s one of my favourite topics.


In my personal life, things have been changing too. I have a cool, more important position at work, and just came back from a work trip in New York City. Things are going pretty well. My B&B (Hestia House) is doing very well, and With Heart is chugging along.


Since the holidays I’ve been dating quite a bit, but  no one to call my boyfriend yet. I do enjoy the dinners out, though! Navigating through these kinds of interactions has been quite the learning experience for me. I’m debating on whether to talk about them on here or not. My mother (and possibly my aunt) did the unthinkable and found/read my blog despite my asking them not to.  I keep my life private from them because they’re huge gossips and I don’t want my life to be their next topic at the Bunko table.

My friends are great and I love them so much. Nothing new to report on that!

Health & Wellness

As you can see from the photo, I’ve lost some weight! Since the surgery I am officially down 30lbs. I will soon be increasing that number! A good friend of mine is becoming a personal trainer and I am to be her first client! I think it’s great since she’ll come to my house twice a week to kick my ass. No more excuses, right?

I have also been taking some great yoga classes for plus size women. I could probably do regular yoga but I just like these ones better. Plus I do pretty well at all the poses because a lot are quite similar to my kung fu poses! I’m going to try out Zumba from the same lady next. It looks promising!

This is all I can think of to update on right now. Hopefully the need to write will strike me again soon. If there are any readers left who would like to have me write about something, let me know. I may indulge you!

It’s nice to be back <3

5 thoughts on “Hello, World!”

  1. Welcome back! It's great to know things are looking good!

    A friend sent me a link to someone who does plus size zumba classes in Toronto (bloor and spadina area, if I recall correctly). I missed the $10 try it session, but am interested.

    I used to go to zumba and really enjoyed it until my headaches became unbearable (I get them when I exercise and my heart rate goes up too high), and since the classes seem to be modified for plus sizes (with chairs available!), that seems like it could be a good option.

    If you do take the class, I would love to know more about it – I struggle with yoga poses as I find those increase the flow of spinal fluid to my head, causing numbness and headaches, so I'm unlikely to try that one.

  2. I may try them out – with yoga though, it isn't just head down – when I arch my back (cobra pose, for example), my face goes numb (tingling in my eyes, throat, ears, lips, etc). My neurologist told me that if I have that happen, I need to stop what I'm doing until the numbing goes away.

    Headaches too. One of the side effects of my condition is headaches when my heart rate goes up too much, and that I need to limit the headaches in order to keep my vision safe, so I currently walk and do weights during lunch, and swim.

    I would like to reintroduce dance once I have more money – I used to go to zumba and ginga which was fun, but now I get worried whenever I get headaches, especially since I've finally managed to reduce the swelling around my eyes since cutting out dance.

    I may wait for the next round of classes before trying, since I'll be able to see how I'm doing with headaches. I've progressed to a slight incline on the treadmill without headache, so it's definitely a work in progress. When on a trip, I had to turn back because I massive a few steps up a steep incline and was hit by a massive migraine, which I don't want to repeat in dance.

    I am glad to see you've had a positive experience though. That is encouraging for me.

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